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I mean to create web project, named "Offline". People are passing by each other all the time: outside, in subway or restaurant and... never meet, but get off on the next stop.

It will take only a couple of minutes to login and mention the place where was person you liked. If the one wants to meet you, he or she can reply and start chatting right on that web site. The same idea can be implemented as mobile application, that sends notifications if people, that ever chatted in "Offline" are within 100 meters. A sort of triangulation.

It's simple as can be: if you liked some person but lost precious chance to get along, "Offline" will give you a chance to fix the situation. The key feature is catching approximate meeting point and time.

It also could be a plugin or a browser application, integrated with social networks. For example, that would be easily implemented for or as a default profile option.

Profit comes from sincere donations. No ads.

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