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Asanas com serenu na udju #yoga

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+1 for john oliver about #refugeecrisis  

A couple of weeks ago, I submitted The Yoga Sutras to the Ubuntu Touch app store. Today, I received an email from India asking if I could also pub the Bhagavad Gita. Done ;) Namaste #ubuntu #yoga

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Cosmos Laundromat - chapter 1 is here! and I'm a proud sponsor :) #blender #b3d #freeculture #animation  

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very useful graph: "The bailout Greece needs, put in some context..."

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good end of the year read
Reflecting on a year of Adobe Offsetting. Spoiler alert, help your fellow developer! #adobe   #opensource  

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"book actually tells preteen girls that Barbie can only contribute to the design of the game she's building." - that settles it :) design is girlish :D

Low Poly characters made with Blender and Zbrush

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The Lost Chapter of Interstellar: what happened to Dr. Mann on the other side of the wormhole? #interstellar  

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ZArt : An open-source software for real-time video processing.
ZArt development is on fire !
ZArt is a stand-alone open-source software, distributed within the G'MIC sources, to apply (almost)-real-time image effects on videos.

New exciting features have been added recently :
- More sources: webcams, image files and video files are now supported. Multiple webcams are allowed.
- More filters: Most of the G'MIC filters for GIMP have been imported and are now available in ZArt.
- More controls: Each filter has now its own controls, exactly like in the plug-in for +GIMP

ZArt 3.0.0 will be released with the upcoming version of G'MIC Feel free to test before and give us feedback !
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