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On Voting Sinn Fein In #GE16
I am old. Not quite old enough to be offered seats on public transport, but old enough to have finished secondary school in the last millennium. At 35 it seems I'm at the opening stages of middle age. There is much to recommend it. One part of growing up in...

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Rosanna Davison's Eat Yourself Beautiful: Hard To Swallow
I had not planned on
buying this book. Authors typically earn 10% of the cover price of hardbacks;
at €20 my purchase would include a regrettable two Euro contribution to the
coffers of an opponent of modern medical care. I've   resolved this conflict with ...

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Rosanna Davison - Eat Yourself Wootiful
Ireland has something of a reputation for literature. The contributions of our playwrights, poets and dramatists far exceeds what one would expect from a nation of our size and it was likely with this cultural talking point in mind that the Independent chos...

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Seven Reasons Not To Join CrossFit Ireland
I've been
spending too much of my disposable income on beer and cake of late. It's had a
somewhat predictable effect on my centre of gravity so I've decided to look at
alternative hobbies. CrossFit Ireland is walkable from work so I signed up - I
now feel i...

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Identity Ireland Twitter Stats
I'm told - with much exuberance - that it's important to hold an opinion on Identity Ireland. To be honest they seem to small to bother with the requisite reading. Below are some stats on their Twitter account, presented largely without comment. Total numbe...

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On The Importance Of Gender Roles And Hysterical Silly Little Bitches
I come late to the realisation that my marriage does not meet the
standards promulgated by our friends in Mothers and Fathers Matter. I could forgive their focus on child rearing as the sine qua non of
marriage. True, it devalues my childless union. The r...

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It Takes A Village To Raise A Child
A guest post by the talented Joanne Duffy of Oriental Cutlery. Hey Dave, how’s it going? So I’ve just been watching this video that I found of you speaking against
marriage equality, while 6 signs for YES EQUALITY that got ripped down in
Galway are sitting ...

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@Mandate_2015 and Bad #MarRef Arguments of Biblical Proportions
Mandrake and Lothar. For Marriage? When deciding which Irish citizens should be permitted marriage it is wise of us to consider outside the naturalistic realm. Today I found myself concerned with Mandrakes. For those whose Harry Potter knowledge falters, Ma...

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They Do Not Care About The Children
Over the coming weeks every household in Ireland will receive a leaflet entitled " 7 Great [sic] Reasons To Keep Marriage As Is " One of the groups listed as sponsoring the endeavour is "Marriage Diversity". It shares a name with an American group who consi...
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