Use Cases for Events and Your Organization
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Events are now available on Google+ and you’re probably thinking, “How can I use these for my Organization?” We’ve highlighted two great ideas for using Events for your Google+ page. 

Before you get started, remember that pages will only be able to invite people to events if those users already have the page in their circles. So, if you have a specific guest list, you’ll need to make sure that all your guests are following you in order to get the invite.

Schedule a Hangout on Air for your Business!
1. Create an Event
2. Add the “Public” circle to the Invite box
3. Go to “Event Options” and select “Advanced”
4. Click “Additional fields” and provide either the link to your page’s stream where users will be able to watch the Hangout live or a link to your YouTube channel where they can watch the broadcast. Remember, the YouTube broadcast will occur on the channel of the manager logged into the page and hosting the Hangout.
5. To learn more about what it means to “Make this an event on air, ” check out this Help Center article:
6. To schedule a normal Hangout for 10 participants, simply select Google+ Hangout under the “Advanced” tab and invite the appropriate circles or select “Public,” keeping in mind that only a limited number at a time can join and the event will not be broadcast.

Host an event, party, or fundraiser at your organization or online!
1. Create an Event
2. Add all your info and add the “Public” circle to the Invite box
3. Users will be able to RSVP, comment, and post photos to the event
Click “Additional fields” to add a location, transit and parking information, and more

There are many more ways to use Events for your organization on Google+. Leave us some comments to let us know what you’re planning, whether you have any questions, and what you’re missing from your Events experience!
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