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A lesson relearned every few years.
A reminder of Jaiku and other Ghosts of Social Media Past:
With every celebration of the popular social network, the faint Cassandran winds howl “What will you do when it's gone?” I say faint, because nobody seems to see an imminent demise for Facebook or Twitter, and conventional wisdom tilts to Google Plus getting bigger rather than failing to gain ...
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greetingss madam +Lucretia Pruitt  i m jitendra from jaipur and woking as a freelance online operations executive in an hotel. trying my best to use social media to promote hotel made groups and page but no response. please suggest what should we do or how to go ahead. wat strategy should we follow. right now i m posting of unknwon tourist places on the page but it attracts no response. at the end of the month i feel embarassed while asking for the salary as the objective is not being met. kindly guide me thnks
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I really like the way Jess put this together. Having a privilege does not make you a bad person. It does mean that you have advantages that you might not be aware of.
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When the ship is sinking, and the ladies come and stand with me while the orchestra plays instead of getting on the boat...that's when equality starts.
When the cops are calling for hostages to be released and they don't start with "send the women and children out first"...that's when equality starts.
Just something funny I am paraphrasing from comedian Bill Burr.
Tech in general is heavily white male. The best way to change that is get more girls involved in tech to start with. I imagine panel representation is related to industry representation?
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There's something terribly important about making sure that your idea of "toys" includes STEM... at least, if you want your child to learn, build, and define the future rather than just pay to buy it.
Here's another great STEM gift guide for kids. What's on your STEM list this year?
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I'm a sucker for a good data center!! I do miss the old-style 'bomb' tape libraries though... back in the day when it took an entire building to do what just one of these stacks does.
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i have been reading about you, and i would like to invite you come to Uganda and pay my country avisit.
pliz contact me thnx
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I actually cant wait for the kidlet to get home from the swimming pool so i can share this with her!
Absolutely fantastic when you realize that these are real women, singing about their passion for bioscience!
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estas mesmo linda
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I'd never heard of SMA. Avery's Bucket List gave a voice to so many babies and families. May she rest in peace.
Imagine you've been diagnosed with an incurable genetic disease and you are told you will not only lose your ability to walk and move your arms, but you will die between now and the next 18 months...
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The realization that it's incredibly easy for me to post on G+ on this phone has finally settled in.
I surrender.
More to come.
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Does anybody know what sort of tree produces these flowers? Still trying to identify 90% of the new garden.
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Could you show bark and leaves as well? Could be anything from apple to cherry or simply decorative.
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I showed up to see how the G+ Communities implementation was going and all I can think is "finally they figured out how to merge Orkut with G+"
Okay, now, I think that makes me old.
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+Lucretia Pruitt u don't look over 40
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Makes sense to me.
Wish List - Limited Hangout On Air Google+ Communities

I have very strong theories on where Hangouts / Communities is going. Educated guess (no insider information) = sometime in the (hopefully near) future you will be able to do a limited broadcast Hangout on Air from within a Community to ONLY that community.

Since the very beginnings of Hangout On Air when I was one of a very limited group to get (test and crash!) the feature, people have wanted the ability to not only have a public broadcast themselves (everyone does now) but the ability to have a targeted broadcast. Communities (groups) would be the perfect vehicle for this. You (might have) heard that here first folks...

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Hmmmm. IPhone 5... Work dealing with a cracked screen for 3 more months? Decisions, decisions!
Some new leaked photos of an assembled iPhone 5 (the new iPhone), has leaked out on a Chinese web site. I don't think it's a real phone though, but it's probably assembled from all the leaked parts, and I think it's looking really nice, so I hope the next iPhone will look like this.

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel:


#video   #apple   #iphone   #iphone5  
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Thanks for the reshare :)
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Well, that is a game-changer for a lot of people.
Last year we introduced Hangouts On Air to a limited number of broadcasters, enabling them to go live with friends and fans, for all the world to see. Since then, this small community has grown the fe...
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On June 1, 2012, I "pivoted" back into being a full-time parent. I made a call and it came down to the fact that there will always be new adventures in business for me - but only one chance of being here during this time in my daughter's life.
Startup v. Daughter? not exactly Sophie's Choice, but a hard one because I'm a dreamer. But for us? The right one. For now...

The remainder of this is just here for archival purposes... so they know what to put on my digital tombstone after I succumb fully to the madness that is parenthood. ~LMP
Lucretia M. Pruitt ha(d) gone insane and become the CEO & CoFounder of a Tech Startup. Everything else except her family was clearly a sleep-deprivation induced hallucination.
The Cake is a Lie.
Lucretia's online habit started back in 1979 with BBSing - a long time early-adopter, she's both a bona fide geek (ex-programmer & CIS professor) and a Social Media Devotee.

Previously known on many social networks as "GeekMommy" - Lucretia's been dedicating herself to Social Media full-time for many years now. As a blogger, speaker, and social media devotee & strategist? She's always looking for the next thing technology is revolutionizing.
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