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Has PR become a profession of talkers. Maybe it's time to adapt our skill set and become makers. 

What do you think?
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Please note this Google+ account is no longer active. When I got married I changed my name. As a result I changed my Gmail and Google+ accounts. Please visit my new Google+ page at
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My awesome blog post about the awesome author of The Book of Business Awesome, Scott Stratten...

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Image skating around an oval track at high speeds, now image doing it without you sight or your hearing... That is Kevin Frost's life in a nutshell. But you can learn more. Mayfair Theatre is showing a premier of a documentary called Blind Ambition, a story that follows Kevin on his journey. 

All ticket proceeds will go to help Kevin and other visually impaired speed skaters. 

Ladies and gentlemen get your popcorn ready!

On October 18, 2012, local filmmakers premiere the story of an Ottawa athlete that surpassed all odds to become the number one blind speed skater on short and long track in the world. Kevin Frost, a local deaf-blind athlete, invites you to join him at the Orleans Mayfair Theatre where Algonquin College alumnus, Pat Decelles, showcases Blind Ambition, the life of Kevin, a struggling athlete trying to make a difference in the world of Paralympic speed skating.

For the price of a regular movie, you will be taking part in a movement that will further help speed skating get one step closer to becoming a sanctioned Paralympic sport. You will be helping Kevin and other visually impaired and blind athletes across Canada fulfil their dreams of going to the Paralympics for speed skating.

Buy your ticket today!

Event details
Where: Mayfair Theatre Orleans, 250 Centrum
When: Thursday, October 18th, 2012. doors open at 7 p.m., screening starts at 7:30 p.m.
Cost: $10 There are only a limited number of seats, so buy your ticket today.

Where can I get a ticket?
There are three ways to purchase your ticket today:
Online - Buy your ticket online through eventbrite
In person - You may purchase your ticket in advance at the MayFair Theater Orleans
Phone - Purchase your tickey by calling one of our awesome volunteers

Kristine Simpson at 613-304-4217
Natalie Melanson at 613-293-3776
Michèle Simpson at 613-614-5536

For any further questions, please contact Kristine Simpson by phone 613-304-4217 or by email
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Check out this cool young pro from Halifax, this week on +Young PR Pros !
Episode 25 is out!

We know… we can’t beleive it either. Twenty-five episodes already, half way to 50 and a quarter way to 100. Kristine Simpson and Julia Kent are still having a blast and cannot wait for another 25 episodes.

This week, we visit our new series called Who to Follow where we profile awesome people on Twitter who deserve your attention.

Julia likes this one, a Halifax ad man who calles himself the Coolest Cool. His real name is Ross Simmonds, and he is indeed pretty cool!
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I am getting better at these Google Doodles, today I got two stars!!
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I was better at the hurdles... But in real life in an arcade, you better watch ouch, I am pretty good at the basketball arcade game :)
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This score only reflex my ability to play video games and not my true ability to run hurdles!
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Such an awesome interview!!

Thanks again +Gini Dietrich for sitting down with us :)

Can't wait until we meet IRL again!!
The episode you have all been waiting for. We interview +Gini Dietrich!

This week on Young PR Pros +Julia Kent and +Kristine Simpson are joined by the co-author of Marketing in the Round, creator, and communications and marketing super woman, Gini Dietrich.

We caught up with Gini at Third Tuesday Ottawa on July 24 to talk about how young professionals can build an online following, increase engagement on your blog, and her advice for young professionals.
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I suggest all sorts of great books, even a harlequin romance, find out why by listening in!
Episode 17 is out!

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and we are all enjoying a nice cold drink on a patio somewhere around the world. School is out, work has slowed down, and it is time to catch up on that reading list. What are you going to read this summer to help you build and advance your career?

+Kristine Simpson and Julia Kent, hosts of Young PR Pros, thought they would share with you their suggestions of excellent books for young professionals and communicators alike.
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