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CHARGE: End Of The Year Reflection
I first got hired to Residential Life as a CHARGE Assistant, almost three years ago. I worked with amazing ladies who always used to say "once a CHARGE, always a CHARGE." I didnt grasp the meaning of that statement till I came back as a CHARGE Peer Educator...

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CHARGE End of the Year Reflection
Although I just started working for the CHARGE program, this initiative is something that already holds a special place in my heart. The first dialogue that I hosted with CPE Vanessa was called #After911 and this was an insightful experience because of how ...

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CHARGE comes to an end
The CHARGE program for the 2015-2016 is coming to a close and it is bittersweet. It is bitter because some of the CPE are graduating and leaving the CHARGE programs. It is sweet because they are graduating and moving to the next step of their lives. But thi...

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End of year Spring 2016
This Semester has been pretty Charge'D up . With countless amounts of different programs as well as supporting other programs there was plenty to do. This semester ended with a bang as we successfully pulled off our first large end of the year program cente...

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Diversity Conference
The Diversity conference was hosted on February 27th in SUNY Oneonta. It was a conference where there was different workshops and speakers. One speaker was an actor that acted out different characters such as "in the closet" football player or a girl that w...

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Introducing CPE Subha Tasnim
Hi everyone! My name is Subha Tasnim and I am the CPE for Colonial Quad! I am a first year student majoring in Political Science and Criminal Justice with minors in Sociology and Homeland Security. I also serve as senator at large for the Student Associatio...

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Rise with Refugees
      Last Week CHARGE was invited to table in LC's by Peace Action to raise awareness regarding refugees, the event was able to educate me on the issue at hand and how impactful this truly is. The most present issue is the matter of syrian refugees and whe...

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Rise With Refugees Couple of days ago, CHARGE Peer Educators were invited to table alongside with Peace Action for Refugee Visibility Day, an initiative that is part of the Rise With Refugees Campaign. The invitation to this program really got me into think...

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Dear Black Girls of UAlbany, I hope that you feel the equality that is perpetuated on this campus. Even though some intrinsically embedded racism still lies in the hearts of individuals, I pray that like our ancestors in the past we can overcome this as wel...

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#RISEwithREFUGEES Alumni Quad Edition
A refugee is defined as a person who has been forced to leave their country to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster. This picture resonates with me in many ways because refugees never get a choice. Their only options are remain and risk death or fle...
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