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Minuses: Did not go to bed until 1:30am, because it felt like my eardrums were being stabbed with sharp things. Nyquil has been my very dear best friend (Sorry Mo, MMike, it's just temporary) since Saturday.
Pluses: The swelling in my left ear canal has finally gone down to the point where I could dry my ear out after my shower this morning. (Yes, I have to use cotton swabs in my ears -- it's that or far more ear infections than I get these days.)
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Ear infections are such a joy. Get better.
After the year i spent with one hellalong ear infection I started swabbing out my ears with hydrogen peroxide at least a couple times a day.
Yeah, I just try to keep mine dry, after I had one of those dual-ear, year-long infections. It's cut way down on the external ear or ear-only infections. Now it's dual ear infections courtesy of complicated sinus infections. And apparently I'm a lot sicker than I realized. My teeth aren't hurting as much as they were...
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