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Katie Lance

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In case you missed this live, here is the recording to the latest #BreveTV  with +Kelly Mitchell , +Debra Trappen and I. We talk about "The Beauty of Independence" and what being an entrepreneur has done for our lives. It was an amazing chat! 

#WomenInBiz   #entrepreneneurs   #googlehangout   #googlehangoutonair  
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Salut bonne soir
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Katie Lance

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Check out my latest article for +The Huffington Post where I talk about how not to SUCK at social media if you are in sales. There is a huge opportunity as a sales person - whether you are in real estate, insurance, advertising, software - this is something you will want to read! 

#sales   #salestraining   #realestate   #socialmediastrategy   #socialmedia   #socialmediatraining  
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Katie Lance

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NEW! I am thrilled to announce my 1st blog post for +Women 2.0 I have been a huge fan of this community for a long time and I'm excited to share with you my 1st post on being an INTENTIONAL entrepreneur. Click here to read:

If this resonates with you, I'd love if you shared this with your friends and fellow entrepreneurs!

#WomenInLeadership   #entrepreneur   #entrepreneurship  
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Katie Lance

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In case you missed last night's Breve TV - you can catch the recording here with +Debra Trappen and +Kelly Mitchell (bummed to have missed this one!)
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Katie Lance

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Great read for any entrepreneur! FOCUS! 
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Great post!
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Katie Lance

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Like I always say, "LinkedIn should not be the 'set it and forget it' network! Here is my latest post from Inman Next:
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+Eric Proulx I never considered that!   Thanks!
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Katie Lance

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7 minutes until we are LIVE on the air! Join me, +Kelly Mitchell and +Debra Trappen  tonight at 4pm PST/ 7pm EST for #BreveTV. Topic: "The Beauty of Independence in Business" - see you there! 
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Katie Lance

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Absolutely love this - nice job +Pepsi!   #socialmediastrategy  
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Katie Lance

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When is the right time to update your mobile device? Check out my latest video with +Chris Smith where we talk about WHEN to upgrade and how to get the most bang for your buck!
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Katie Lance

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I am excited to share my latest post with 12 Most where I share "12 Most Snappy Ways to Revitalize Your Social Media Presence" (click here to read:

If you are a little "stuck" in your social media strategy, or just need a little kick in the rear :) then this is a must read! Would love for you to share this too! 
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A custom OS would look like the following description

- Ability to boot and run 3 operating systems at the same time. For example : Windows, Linux, and mobile ( Android , windows mobile, Linux ). They run concurently as many application as required. The Bios can also be partition to run 3 OSes concurently. They serve the cluster of reconfigurable CPUs for each OS. For example: One OS may required 8 cores, the second is 16 cores, and the third is 32 cores, the remaining CPUs are iddle.
Each OS is intelligent about the present of like applications from other OSes. To be able to cross OS applications , each application will need to include API hooks pertaining to the OS languages and its applications. Futher more, the real interesting usage of such multiOSes , are apparently many GAME is one, Live Streaming Media is two, Social Network s; and complex live mix media of text , voice, data; and not the least is newer live reconfiguration system resouces and algorithms   . Let us dwell into the complexity of each group of the application.

1) Gaming : very complex situation can be arises . Live through the network of 3D raytracing graphics of multiple players, can now be dedicated by one CPU group, but now the multiplayers can speak to each others in their own native languages and translation of such is provided on the screen live

2) Live Streaming Media is taken off accross stations and nations.  Anything goes here, of course with translated languages , and better yet with natural tones of the live audio. In 4K format, this will required many GPUs as expected .

3) Social Network : this is another step forward, live , multi networks , not merely one at a time , running all pictures, live modification, group participation, media to the maximun as if one is the videophone with like 20 people worldwide, like video conferencing , but much more with gaming , arts, musics, live performances to share. Actually, this one is the most computing intensive because they are many live interactive mix media . Social net work is private as phone calls , there is a big market for this Trillions of USD. Not click and like and no response or hard to response while the middle ware is monitoring and take goods . Those are hooks in the jaws, they never not give goods before kill. it is like fatten up the preys, then eat them.

4) System resource services : system resources will be many and live reconfiguration depending on each situation from each OS. They run in parallel . One example come to mind is the Audio elements panel as big as the screen and is embedding. Each work group or play group of each OS will have own speaker group. and they are intelligent and inclusive of all the algorithms live of course. 3 concurrent OSes , each will have custom speakers dynamically arranged for each application . Imagine how many digital speakers are there ? as many as open and unopen active windows or applications. and they are all sound dynamically sonic and users target as speaker A from the net addressing speaker B local and only those 2 can conversation among the other people in the room.  MultiWifi, is must 3 band minimum and intelligent resource sharing is build in. For example , for 30 dollars a month, I get 3 bands of 600Mbsp each, that is 1.8Gbps . The resource management will monitor and distribute the usages live among the 3 bands and the applications . Scientists , you can imagine how good already. be honorable is the key for these sort of things require intelligent, accuracy mindset not culi from the west and the east . Low power RF intelligents. This is the area I kill the mouse, the keyboard, the wire, the touchpad , and even the screen

You say why so many applications running at the same time ? my mind is far more advance for my time . They run a few on the PC you use, they send the live streaming programs to the TV down stairs or to your bathroom Tablet or phone, they play music to the wireless speakers in the yard ... and live social media ... they follow you and me, remember ?  Do you know fully who I am ? and who they are , even you can see them and me?

I am so sure it time to study the hardware companies and pour in the big money, I meant big big money, for everything we know to date is really museum pieces . In one year, this sort of solutions will draft the market with people buying products ... and the application will bound and leap to no end 3D, digital panel speaker, 4K, holographic, live social media, multi live streaming , etc , etc. and you know I am not mere a Tablet Inventor that no one pay.

Quoc Khanh
P.S while all of you beating me, One eye, I still invent for you ...
All rights reserved , May 22th, 2013... Morning
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Katie Lance

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Get women off the sidelines!! Great TED Talk to watch this Monday AM. I know some of my favorite power women will enjoy this: +Debra Trappen, +Kelly Mitchell, +Laura Monroe, +Laurie Weston Davis, +Lisa Archer, +Carol Farrar, +Inna Hardison, +Suzanne Roy, +Rebekah Radice, +Lindsay Listanski, +Chavi Hohm, +Kim Colaprete, +Cory Jo Vasquez, +Stacey Alcorn          
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+Katie Lance Why are you not in the kitchen making me a sandwich?
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Katie Lance

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Local drives action. As a real estate professional, how can you position yourself as the local expert using tools? Here is my latest post featured on +Placester!

#googlelocal  +foursquare +Instagram  #realestate  
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  • Katie Lance Consulting
    CEO, 2012 - present
  • Inman News
    Chief Strategist, 2012 - 2013
  • Inman News
    Social Media Director, 2009 - 2012
  • Empire Realty Associates
    Marketing Manager, 2005 - 2009
  • Vector Marketing
    District Manager, 1995 - 2003
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Pleasanton, CA
CEO/Owner Katie Lance Consulting and Chief Strategist Inman News

Katie is the CEO and Owner of Katie Lance Consulting; a social media consulting firm and Chief Strategist for Inman News, the leader in real estate news and technology.

Katie specializes in social media strategy and content development, and works with mid to large sized brands in the technology and real estate industries. Katie is a media trained public speaker on stage and on camera, and is a frequent speaker and trainer at national conferences teaching the latest tools and strategies in social media, mobile and technology trends. She is a national speaker for Inman's Agent Reboot at Real Estate Connect.

Prior, Katie was the social media director for Inman News for three years. Under Katie's leadership, Inman's social footprint grew to more than 250,000 followers and fans – an increase of over 400%. In 2011, Katie launched Inman's ambassador program, which currently includes some of the industry's most socially active members. The Inman ambassador program now has a reach of well over 2M friends and followers.

Katie was previously the managing author to the Future of Real Estate Marketing blog (FOREM), rated #2 by the National Association of Real Estate Editors.

Currently, you can find Katie's articles on Inman Next (, where she has a weekly column.

She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and 2 beautiful boys.

Where to find Katie:

  • Cal State Long Beach
    Communications, 2001
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