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Life Transformation Natural and Simple
Life Transformation Natural and Simple

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Kryon speaking about "Transition" from physical to nonphysical.

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"There is not one of you who is not as I say you are. Not one, for Everyone is One with Me. End of issue."

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"For once you initiated your personal 5D journey, you transitioned out of your earth caretaker role. You are the beacons for anyone who cares to sense a better way. It is not your place to enmesh yourself in earth chaos. Such was your caretaker role for eons – either as earth observer or participant. That role has been completed. Your new role, your promotion is to be a beacon of light. Go in joy. Live in joy despite the anguish of others."

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"Harmony and Balance thus are becoming extremely important to feel and strive for within, in all things — in the way you take care of your physical body, (and your light body as well, as you continue to merge with your soul), in the way you conduct your business, in the way you treat others (and yourself), and in the way you think and feel on a consistent basis."

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"With greater levels of

1. Knowing that you are Co-creators to the Company of Heaven and
2. your ability to trust and surrender to Life in WHATEVER CIRCUMSTANCES YOU MAY FIND YOURSELVES,

you are now able to release much of the sadness, grief and pain of past betrayals and hurts that you volunteered for as these courageous sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love." ~ The Elders. text

We had one of the most ferocious storms here last night. I wondered if it was a tornado. Then a realization came.

This storm is reflecting the state of Consciousness of the human species.

Lightening flashed like a strobe light. Thunder sounded as a great battle with cannons going off left, right and all around. The wind blew hard, side ways with gust that would have picked one up.

The lightenings were bursts of emotions (fear, judgement, rage, anger and hatred) frome deeply buried unexamined beliefs that separate us from Source .

Thunder sounded as the news items that show us our ACTS of fear, judgement, rage, anger and hatred towards each other.

The wind was pushing and stirring all of it up to CONSCIOUS AWARENESS for us to see, own and heal.

And the rain was the Consciousness of Oneness - The Christed 5thD level of Consciousness that heals all the Illusion of Separation from Source to reveal that Love is All That IS REAL.

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Everything you see happening out in the world IS the state of Consciousness. WE are creating the news - all of us -. WE are creating the public policy. WE are creating it all. Now, from the OUTCOMES in the new, public policy...etc., what is the state of our collective Consciousness? Meditating give opportunity to rebalance one's state. Why wouldn't police meditate? THAT policy - police meditating - reflects the Consciousness of the people of Canada and therefore what they Value most. This then is reflected in their laws and how people are Valued.

You will know "It" when your prayers are more about others than yourself.
Like mine are, of you -
The Universe
You will know that Love has claimed you as Its own <3

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I can testify this is my experience so far this month! Whew!

"The process of excavation we will encounter this month will uncover many different facets of our emotional history as we enter a month whose theme of emotional clearing may take us to depths we have never experienced before so we can rise to heights we have never imagined were possible.
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