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Someone thought that Ghibli Studios should do a Zelda movie, so they made it happen themselves by making a movie of Zelda in the style of Ghibli studios. The trailer is pretty.
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This looks fun!
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My daughter's doing a drawing a day challenge - but I think I misheard what her challenge is for tomorrow. A famous robot pretending to be a robot? Which sounded funny and so then I drew this...

#starwars #silly #c3po
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I haven't drawn in an age. Holidays are great are giving me time and energy to pick up a pencil again. #wip
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I got the Alice in Wonderland Lego minifigs! (And we ended up collecting just over half the other Disney ones - only 3 or 4 duplicates).

#aliceinwonderland   #lego  
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Can't remember/find who originally shared this in my stream, but this pretty cool. I loved the movie despite it's flaw (thought it was better than Captain America and Dead Pool).

The weird thing is, that when I went looking for the link for it to share this morning (can't find a youtube link and tumblr, the original source, doesn't embed nicely on G+), the amount of snarky (or smarmy... I forget the difference) posts about it. Like "this is the movie it should have been" BS.

I can see why it was dropped from the movie tbh, but man, now I want an X-Men TV series set in the 80s doing a nostalgia thing like Stranger Things.
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it was the poorest of the three fot feeling like was in past - the first one looked like early james bond - even faking the film stock - should of had over pumped blues oe some video grain or sometghing - film needed some more fun moments
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With the new G+ UI, is there some way to tell if someone has circled you or not? You use to be able to check their profile and see that they follow you.
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Nor are they :-(

The new interface is sloooowly adding back the useful features that were just already there in "classic", like polls. They're still missing Events.

And I just don't get the 'Collections' thing. Sure, it's useful, I guess, for me to "follow" (or not) 'Mark's collection of sketches' - but to promote 'Collections' on random enough topics, some of which haven't been added to in months and some of which are really patchy quality, just seems like they've no idea what they're at... Sorry for rant.
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This looks like a very pretty book. As a nerdy young fan of the original film and the cartoons, I always thought Tobin's Spirit Guide was a real book or at least based on one. I always had an eye out for it went I went browsing occult/new age shops.
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Makes a great reference book for the old West End Games Ghostbusters rpg too!
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This doesn't look half-bad - a Guy Ritchie take on King Arthur which some good actors in the mix.
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The "messy looking" doesn't bother me. It seems like it's got a strong visual vibe to it which I hope/think will make up for it. I don't think it's going to be "amaze-balls!!!" but I like the idea of Guy Ritchie doing S&S.

I liked the first Sherlock Holmes movie (the second, not so much)
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One of the advantages of the kids being away, is that I can leave my drawing stuff out on the table and just sit down whenever and scratch away. Sadly, though I'm not sure I'll finish this one.

Another advantage of the kids being away is that my wife and myself can go to the cinema and we went to see Tale of Tales (wonderfully visual but a bit slow). Walking to the cinema, passed a shop selling masks. I was looking in the window at the masks for a solid minute or two before I realised it was "masks and fetish shop".
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Twice I overheard my son trying to sing the lyrics to Kapp'n song in Animal Crossing.
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Cucumber, you're not a pewcumber
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That does look pretty. One to get when the NX comes out?
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+Christopher Andersen I don't think he jumps anywhere in the middle of a field like he's in an MMO in that clip. But there are no jump points or climb points.

So you can jump off the cliff anywhere you like or freeclimb any vertical surface. Or jump on wild horses apparently.
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