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Despite the game being marked as Early Access, I went and bought Conan: Exiles this weekend. I really wanted/needed a game I could get lost in. Can't really explain the desire of why, but Conan look like it might do.

First thing I learned though is my graphics card is now "old". I could only play it at "low" settings, but it plays fine. Hence why I haven't bothered with screenshots on this post. Even still, sometimes things are floating for no reason and things collide occasionally in weird ways, but nothing that turned me off.

Also I don't give a shit about multiplayer. So no idea what it's like online at all. YMMV on the importance of that. I do like the idea of being able to run a server for you and your mates only, but I doubt that I'll have the opportunity to do that. The single player is a bit neglected in that it's basically a private server that only you are on. You can't even pause it. I guess that'll improve over time.

But so far (and I've only played a few hours really) it's naked survival-minecraft in the Conan Barbarian universe. (Yea, I have full nudity turned on, I have no issue with naked body parts). It's kind of funny to be in a fight or even running from some unexpected threat and suddenly my character has lost their pants or top from damage (while getting covered in blood).

You die a lot in the beginning. Fucking hell. Water. Food. Monsters. Humans. But I managed to get a handle on it after a while, found somewhere near water, with a decent supply of stuff and far from any of the dangerous herds. Still can't make a bed to have a proper fixed re-spawn point so I'm forced to be careful. I do wish there was a way to speed up accumulating levels so I could build more stuff, take on more threats and do something interesting with the building. It's starting to feel a bit like grinding, if it wasn't for the tempting desire to explore from your hidey-hole during the day. The later-game parts where you can turn humans into "thralls" that work for you sounds fun, like a immerse Dungeon Keeper game - kinda want to keep playing to just get to that point.

The music is pretty decent and paired with the landscape, gives a good feel of being in this exotic land. And the character creation where you choose your god is interesting if a little under developed. But I did find it quite useful in game when I built my alter to set and got my hands a on decent knife.

The thing that annoys me the most right now is the animals and human's AI. They always attack you. You never come across humans fighting beasts or beasts fighting each other. They are just wandering around until you get close. I always loved in Skyrim coming across a battle between factions or travellers getting attacked by wolves for example. I do hope that's something that gets improved.

I'm not unhappy with it so far and it's hitting a spot for me.

Is Conan Exiles a fun game in single player (I have no interesting in multiplayer)?

It's on sale on Steam. Kinda of tempted by the trailers.

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Been a while since I drew anything. Some reference sketches for an idea 
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I've been playing a lot of Skyrim SSE. And I just finished a quest mod that really impressed me.

While some key mods haven't meant it to SSE version, there is still a ton of a decent ones. I've barely played much of vanilla Skyrim. I travelled to Falskaar[1] (it feels a little dated but the side quest about the necromancer is pretty cool) and then discovered the Forgotten City [2] (a fun twist on Majora's Mask but felt short to me once I discovered the"trick", but I'd still recommend it) -- it was then I decided I need a new companion and I came across Rigmor of Bruma[3].

Her quest line is surprisingly long and took me back and forth across Skyrim. It has glitches and one short quest was so glitchy it gave me a nightmare because of it's surrealism and it has annoying "click Angi, listen to her dialogue, the click Yogul" quest milestones in some scenes.

But it surprisingly endearing. You save a young girl/teenager and protect her from the Thalmor who kept her as a slave. But there is a bigger conspiracy and lots of twists and shit happens and you have to help her ... so you can bring together opposing... well I don't want to say more. It manages to touch on a lot of skyrim lore.

I think if I had read a summary of the plot, I wouldn't have bothered. But there are some clever game experiences in there that I enjoyed and I even felt sad at the end. The closest a game has gotten to actually moving me.

And the guys behind it are planning a sequel. I've seen their dev videos, where they've built a Cryodil and the small city of Bruma and it looks stunning.

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Regardless of your interest in Nintendo's latest console, this trailer is surprisingly great. The second half of it, which is focused on the story, feels like a trailer for powerful anime movie. Or maybe it's just me.

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Watching this in the background as a work today - about the most impressive thing I think really is Skyrim (in HD) on, effectively, a handheld. I haven't been blown away by much else so far.

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My son's Christmas present. He's only 9 but he's decided he wants to be a Monster Hunter. He and his friends have a plan too. They're going to build a Monster Hunting school and have trials to join their team. This will be financed by one of them being a football player.

So I found this book on Cryptozoology. When I was his age I was big into UFOs and Aliens and devoured conspiracy theories and books on it. Still sort of interested in it, though I don't believe it much anymore. It's weird how my flakey knowledge of the different alien encounters bridges the gap to my son's knowledge of kraken evidence and youtube videos of pterodactyl sightings.

This is book is brilliant. It's only part 1 and covers half the alphabet. I opened up on the first page and it has an entry about a horse, that constantly bleeds from it's left shoulder, but can take you across the country in seconds.

I may end up using it for twists on critters for my current GMing...
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This is one amazing (and creepy) fan-made video. I've only managed to play a few hours of the game, but they've stayed very true to the source.

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I think this is the prettiest picture I've taken while playing Skyrim Special.

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I got the new Skyrim unexpectedly. I have a couple of thoughts on it, but why bother with negative ranting.

New game started with Alternative Start mod - my character ended up the arse end of no where. The screenshot caption was my actual response.

Also flying ppl: (seriously, she was one of my quest NPCs)

And floating goats:
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