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Asian Hands is always looking to create an affordable and comfortable massage service experience for its customers. Keeping the convenience of our customers in mind, we are launching a new massage store in Howrah this month! Yes, you are hearing right.

We will be launching at 2/16 Ninabah Street Howrah 7018 from 21st of February 2018. Our customers near Howrah can now enjoy their comfortable massage at this location.

Good news is that we have a special promotion for the launch of this new store! If you pre-book now at for a massage longer than one hour, you will be awarded 15 minutes extra! So don't just wait and book now with Asian Hands!
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Pampering yourself can be one of the greatest gifts when Christmas is just around the corner. Surprise gift a friend via redeeming our gift cards at or book a session for yourself at Don't hesitate to contact us on 0362725566. Have a very Merry Christmas.
Check us out on facebook.
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Nothing is better than a relaxing massage when Christmas is just around the corner. Pamper yourself or a friend by redeeming our gift cards at or give us a call at 0362725566
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FIRE CUPPING MASSAGE.The benefits of deep tissue massage
Consider the possibility that you could have the advantages of profound tissue massage without the profound weight. Cupping massage offers that option.

Standard profound massage utilizes profound strain to enable split to up and dispose of scar tissue from past wounds and bonds (stuck together tissue) from the worries of every day living. Conversely, cupping massage utilizes suction and negative strain to influence the more profound muscles.

How Cupping Works

Current cupping massage became out of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) routine with regards to cupping treatment. In customary cupping treatment, the TCM expert places a fire inside a glass, stoneware, or bamboo container. The fire draws the oxygen out of the container, making a vacuum, and the expert rapidly puts the open end of the glass on your body.

The vacuum in the container makes a seal on your skin that has a suction and negative weight that lifts your skin and basic tissue. This incitement makes blood race to the range and enhances qi stream. Ordinarily, TCM specialists leave the glasses in a single place (stationary cupping) for around ten minutes, despite the fact that experts do now and then move the mugs (running cupping) in a massage form.

*Current Deep Tissue Cupping Massage *

A primary distinction amongst conventional and massage cupping is that a massage expert uses the glasses to perform massage strokes, for example, scooping the edge of the container over a muscle, fiery circles, or long strokes along the muscles. Before setting mugs on your skin, the massage expert applies oil to your skin to make moving them less demanding and smoother.

Some massage professionals utilize the strategy effectively portrayed (called fire cupping). Another, more up to date, procedure utilizes a manual vacuum set. The specialist puts a container on your body and uses an appended pump to evacuate the air.

In Eastern terms, the suction and negative weight of profound tissue cupping massage separates nearby qi stagnation. In Western terms, you can consider qi stagnation as poor blood flow or poor development of lymphatic liquid. The potential advantages of cupping massage include:

Unwinds tight muscles

Channels overabundance liquids and poisons by opening lymphatic pathways

Releases attachments and scar tissue by lifting connective tissue

Fortifies dissemination.


Cupping massage makes the skin end up plainly red, which shows that blood is rising to the top. The suction draws the skin up into the container, making the surface veins extend. This suction can cause staining, in light of the fact that a little measure of blood may spill from fringe vessels. The staining as a rule blurs inside a couple of days.

Similarly as with a wide range of massage, this sort of massage isn't for everybody, so ensure your massage expert knows about all your medicinal conditions. Conditions for which massage cupping is unseemly incorporate kindled skin, high fever, shakings or cramping, and simple dying. Likewise, cupping isn't proper on the stomach zone or lower back of pregnant ladies.
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If you are looking for the perfect present for the woman you love, try massage gift vouchers this Christmas. Chances are you can get them from most massage parlors. Most spas do offer them all year around and especially during Christmas.

Christmas is a wonderful time of year to comfort aching feet and back from hours of running around carrying heavy packages for the special occasion. There is nothing more relaxing than a theraputical couples massage treatment. So treat yourself as well as the lady of your love. Your loved one can enjoy it at any time of year. This is a wonderful Christmas's day gift as she does not have to run to the mall to redeem.
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Australia is a center point for massage and non-intrusive treatments. For anybody searching for massage treatment, Rosny Park Tasmania is a magnificent place to be. Various great massage focuses and spas are accessible which give massage modalities of a wide range of sorts. These massages are useful for unwinding and furthermore as a treatment for different body conditions. Distinctive parts of the world have diverse types of massage methods. Every one has a particular strategy to it and is interesting in its own specific manner. Alleviation from stress, strain and certain sorts of sicknesses is something that many individuals plan to get through massage. In this article I'll expound on three styles of massage treatment accessible in Rosny Park Tasmania .

Reflexology is a massage treatment Rosny Park Tasmania offers in a considerable lot of its massage focuses. The procedure is old to the point that specific antiquated human advancements even honed it. It has been promoted in the west on account of the endeavors of a couple of present day doctors. In reflexology, certain reflex focuses and zones exist in the hands and feet that relate to different organs and different parts of the body. Reflexology expects to treat illnesses in the body through the setting of mellow weight on these areas. Through this procedure, patients experiencing intense and in addition perpetual well being conditions can get alleviation. Each session ordinarily goes on for around 45 minutes and a few sessions may be required for treating certain well being conditions.

Thai massage is another massage treatment Rosny Park Tasmania brings to the table its guests. Certain spots in Tasmania give customary Thai massage. The captivating thing about this sort of massage is that the Thai ladies are in some cases so little in stature yet are as yet ready to control even individuals of extraordinary size through their massage. By the utilization of kneading on weight indicates and extending unwind the muscles, this eastern type of massage gives great help from push. The sensory system of the body is likewise reinforced by appropriate breathing methods utilized amid the massage. The restoring and calming impact of the massage has made it a most loved among various parts of the world. It could however be somewhat hard to detect a genuine customary Thai massage focus, as they don't generally promote their administrations like other business massage focuses. The greater part of the promoting is through verbal. So you may need to ask local people to counsel you on where to go for the best Thai massage.

Games massage is another massage treatment Rosny Park Tasmania gives its guests. Brandishing exercises can cause a ton of strain and even damage in the joints and muscles of the body. Since sportsmen should be fit as a fiddle for their brandishing occasions, they require treatment to keep their bodies fit. Games massage is a remedial type of massage to unwind and mend the stressed or harmed muscles in the body. Aside from sportsmen, other individuals who lead a dynamic and more bold type of way of life can likewise profit by sports massage.

When you visit Rosny Park Tasmania , pay special mind to the different distinctive sorts of massage offices accessible in the city. The massage treatment Rosny Park Tasmania gives its guests is differed enough to suit each and every individual's need.
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Thai massage is the most widely recognized massage in the world. Many believe that it was developed by Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha who was a physician to the Buddha. As a result, the history of Thai massage can be linked to ancient India more than 2,500 years ago. The massage eventually made its way to Thailand and also other parts of Asia. The dominant Chinese tradition and influence later reformed its core principles and philosophy.

For centuries many Buddhist monks carried the practice of Thai massage as an element of Chinese medicine. Many agreed that this certain type of massage is more stimulating and effective than any other kinds of massage. All the goodness of South East Asian rich medical tradition contributed to creating this satisfying massage that we know today. Modern Thai massage later gave birth to many other massage techniques and therapeutic practices. This clearly shows its variety and diverse nature. As a result, practitioners of this certain massage can have different styles and uniqueness.

Many people address it as "Thai yoga massage". During a typical Thai massage session, therapists will use their hands, elbows, legs, knees and feet to move people into a sequence of yoga-like positions. This reason is adequate to make this massage stand out from the rest. Many people say it is like performing yoga without doing the actual hard work. Pressure and stretching during this massage helps having a flexible and energetic body. Many describe Thai massage to have a relation with inner peace and satisfaction.

In its traditional form, Thai massage differs from most other forms. Usually, traditional Thai massage doesn’t require the use of oil. Instead, a pressure is applied to muscles and joints, and the limbs are pulled on, which helps to eliminate muscular pain, stress and tension. It is a lot like deep tissue massage or sports massage, making it a popular choice among sports players and manual laborers. It can benefit anyone with physical and mental stress.
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Popular Types of Massage Therapy Today
"Of those that are most widely practiced in the massage industry, the most popular bodywork therapies include modalities like Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, acupressure, reflexology, sports massage and chair massage, among others."

There are well over 80 kinds of massage therapy available today. Of those that are most widely practiced in the massage industry, the most popular bodywork therapies include modalities like Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, acupressure, reflexology, sports massage and chair massage, among others.

Acupressure massage therapy, for example, is founded on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theories and is not only used on people, but as a form of canine and equine massage as well. Using meridian therapy as a guide to depressing key points on the body to relieve tension and blockages; and to restore the flow of energy (Chi) to the body, this particular type of massage therapy is believed to restore balance and enhance natural-healing capabilities.

Another form of massage therapy, reflexology, is a type of massage that is also rooted in Oriental medicine. Specific areas (reflex zones) of the foot sole correlate to particular organs and organ systems in the body. It is believed that by applying pressure techniques to these reflex zones, that these corresponding organ systems can be stimulated toward healing. While this particular massage therapy is more commonly used on the feet, reflexology is also administered to the hands, face and body.

For the athlete, massage therapy like sports massage may be helpful as a preventive therapy and health maintenance regimen In addition to using Swedish massage techniques, sports massage incorporates a variety of other touch therapies including compression, cross-fiber therapy, hydrotherapy, and pressure point methods, among others. Like acupressure, sports massage therapy is also administered to animals.

Deep tissue massage therapy is one of the foundational bodywork therapies taught in almost all massage and healing arts schools today. As the name implies, this is a deep muscle therapy that works the connective tissues and muscles to relieve chronic pain and tension.

Chair massage therapy, frequently referred to as seated massage, is gaining leeway in airports, corporate functions, and in shopping malls. This particular bodywork is administered while the client is seated in a chair in an upright position.

If you (or someone you know) are interested in finding massage therapy programs, let professional training within fast-growing industries like natural healing, cosmetology, acupuncture, oriental medicine, Reiki, and others get you started! Explore massage therapy near you.
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