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Star wars
Harry potter

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i do spend like 20 minutes trying to think of a good computer/server name. What is your favorite server/computer name?
Mine: vagrant. I know it means "drifting hobo", but it sounds cool! Also, "drifting hobo" accurately describes my free WiFi usage. :D

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Poor Samsung.

Even when they make a watch that is clearly better looking than the Apple thing, and get good reviews for how their bezel works well and is really functional and intuitive, they can't seem to catch a break.

Most of the reviews I've seen tippy-toe around the "better looking than Apple". I think my favorite euphemism so far is that the Gear S2 "compares favorably" with the Apple offerings.

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Team meeting notes for August 24th: Tool for minifying TypeScript, new faster offline Angular2 compiler, use case support for Angular 2 beta.

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Let the adventure begin...
Can We Make A Game? We've all played video games sure. When a group of us got together to talk about the viability of making a game, we realized it may not be some far off fantasy. After hearing the pitch from Jason, we thought about the possibilities of th...

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Note 3 setup today.

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Full Stack Developer Loading... (66.7% Complete) [8 Weeks]
Well, I've definitely had a couple of good weeks! Week 7 was definitely a challenge getting the full MEAN stack to work together, but after working through it I truly understand what is going on. I've now shifted my attention to an awesome MEAN stack projec...

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Full Stack Developer Loading...(50% complete) [6 weeks]
An awesome week again! We took off with some complicated javascript. Forget all the scoping rules you learned in the past and throw those out the window! Javascript is a total beast of its own. Plus, let's throw in callback functions to make it even more in...
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