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Amanda Shockley

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Honestly Google+ is dangerous for someone with idle time on their hands like m'self...
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hey I was taking a day off.... sortof not really kindof.. maybe?
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I've been seeing Dr. Matt and Dr. Dan for a little over a month now and I can't even begin to tell you the improvements I've seen in the smallest portions of my life. Things you don't even think about being off or wrong or just not functioning appropriately. I found them by accident through the local home show and had their free test done on site. Within a few weeks I was in and had xrays and was being adjusted by my third visit. I had never been to a chiro before and was actually quite leery of the whole thing at first. Outside of being in a catastrophic accident when are you ever going to get xrays of your spinal column with an intention of improving your life? In the past month I've got more energy, I feel much more limber, my posture has improved, I'm not taking as many over the counter medications for headaches or heartburn among many other small things that I hadn't realized as a whole were dragging me down at 30. The energy in the office is fantastic and the staff is incredibly helpful and energetic with a focus on wellness and improving your quality of life without a multitude of doctor visits/pain meds/surgery etc. etc. that seems to be the normal recommendation today. They also have a massage therapist and personal trainer options on site who work with Dr. Dan and Dr. Matt to even further improve your body not to mention a whole slew of other non-invasive options for your overall health improvement from weight loss to detox. Highly recommend and if it's not for you then it's not for you but you won't know until you give it at least an initial visit and you can always get your xrays and go see a bunch of specialists otherwise.
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