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Lidia Varbanova
Consultant, educator & researcher in the arts, culture & creative industries
Consultant, educator & researcher in the arts, culture & creative industries


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It is our pleasure to invite you to the Montreal launch of the book "International Entrepreneurship in the Arts", published by Routledge, author Lidia Varbanova (!

Join us at the “Meet and Greet” table, arranged on February 19th, Sunday any time between 5pm and 9pm at Indigo bookstore: Place Montreal Trust, 1500 McGill College Ave, Montreal, QC H3A 3J5.
Catch Lidia's brief presentation at 6pm!

This new book is educational, as well as inspirational, devoted “to all creative and entrepreneurial individuals who believe in the impossible and devote their life to change the world for the better through the arts”. The European launch of the book was held in Malta in October 2016 during IFACCA’s 7th World Summit on Arts and Culture.

Four of the artists and entrepreneurs whose creative ventures are included in the book are from Montreal, and we will be happy if they join us - Damian Siqueiros (, Norma Andreu (, Kun Chang ( and Patti Schmidt (MUTEK), as well as the artist Melissa Breault ( who designed the cover of the book.

Let’s have a fun networking evening! This is a great opportunity to meet new friends, to explore and learn, accompanied by music, wine and sweets, as well as have your book signed! There will be very limited number of books available for sale at Indigo.

Learn more about the book:

The author offers online masterclasses and coaching for creative entrepreneurs and everyone interested, for further information visit:

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NEW Online Workshop: Cultural Practices and Strategies in the Digital Realm

In 2017 we start a great new workshop at University of British Columbia, Centre for Cultural Planning and Development: "Cultural Practices and Strategies in a Digital Realm"! The registration is now open:
In this workshop we will focus on the integration of new technologies and online tools in the arts and culture sector, examining the changes and challenges in the international cultural practices brought by the digital era. We will discuss digital collaborative strategies in culture, online marketing techniques, copyright in the digital era, digital entrepreneurship, and how all these influence our work as artists and cultural professionals, as well as cultural policy decision-makers.
On completion of the workshop you will:
Be able to differentiate between various digital strategies and tools applied in the arts and culture sector.
Be familiar with diverse concepts and innovative practices of organizations, networks and individual artists in the digital environment.
Be equipped with practical tips for initiating, promoting and disseminating diverse digital cultural projects and products.
Understand the economic and social impact of digitalization of cultural practices.
Have access to diverse online platforms and collaboration tools and increase your international networks.
Be aware of the success factors and failures behind diverse innovative ideas and artistic projects in the digital networking environment.
Join the collaborative learning online: it will be great to explore together these topics and to share our experiences!
Mind the dates: Wednesdays, Feb 8, 15 & 22 2017, from 12noon-2pm PST/PDT (3pm-5pm EST).

We start a great new workshop at University of British Columbia, Centre for Cultural Planning and Development: “Cultural Practices and Strategies in a Digital Realm”: February 8, 15 & 22, 2017 from 12noon-2pm PST/PDT. The registration is now open, read more:

Coming soon: Online workshop: Cultural Entrepreneurship, University of British Columbia: November 24, December 1 & December 8, from 10am-12noon PST/PDT. This online workshop focuses on the essence, uniqueness and importance of cultural entrepreneurship in the overall strategic management and policy-making process. An important aspect of the workshop is intrapreneurship in the cultural sector and how to manage internal innovations in a systematic way. The workshop combines theoretical discourses with practical case studies from different countries around the world. Participants critically analyze entrepreneurial cases and examples by implementing appropriate theoretical models. As part of the learning process, we identify key issues and suggest strategic solutions for the development of start-up organizations, as well as from the perspective of cultural policy-making. Read more and register:

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Coming soon: Online workshop: Cultural Planning: An International Perspective, University of British Columbia: November 22, 29 & Dec 6 from 10am-12noon PST/PDT. In this workshop we examine models, case studies and examples of cultural policy and planning at international, national and local levels from Europe, the Americas, and Asia. We identify key policy issues, discuss strategic alternatives and consider innovative perspectives on cultural policy that address key global issues such as sustainability, cultural development, cultural access and participation, democratic practices, social cohesion, intercultural dialogue, cultural diversity, and internationalization. We also address collaborative processes of cultural policy-making and cultural planning, international comparative analysis tools, and the evaluation of current cultural policies and their socio-economic impact. Read more and register:

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Our session during the IFACCA's World Summit is on “Unexpected partnerships: where are the new spaces for creation and creativity and how do we support them?” Join us on October 20th, 2.00-3.30pm!

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 New website, new book, new inspiration, new opportunities!
As a happy professional consultant and educator in strategy, management and entrepreneurship for many years, I have accumulated unique experiences, knowledge and a wide range of contacts from having worked in over 60 countries. My upgraded website allows me now the opportunity to share these valuable insights with you – if you are an emerging or experienced professional in the arts, culture or creative industries!
·         Invest in and broaden your professional development by joining a master class or by subscribing to a coaching session. You can do this from anywhere in the world!
·         Use my consulting skills, strategic approach and wide international coverage to lift up and boost your creative organization!
·         Invite me as a speaker to inspire and motivate your audience!
·         Let me moderate a session with your team or Board to find an innovative solution by using their full potential!
Thank you so much to my creative team: Boris Varbanov, Dima Yu, Melissa Breault and Darina Ivani Shanti for their valuable help in upgrading the website!
Also, my latest book International Entrepreneurship in the Arts is now published by Routledge: happy reading!
So, let's continue our creative encounters either online or offline!

Countdown: 10 days to the public launch of my upgraded, fresh and customized website, offering online masterclasses, professional coaching and consulting in diverse areas such as arts management, strategy, entrepreneurship, business planning, financing and fundraising, project writing and management, international expansion, and more! Thank you, Boris Varbanov and Deema Yv for your valuable technical help: you are just brilliant! Thanks also to Darina Velkova and Mélissa Breault for their creative input!

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