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Have an Android smartphone and want to play Ingress, the augmented reality global phenomenon?

Want to feel the tremble of a green portal exploding into dust?

Wish to link fields of radiant blue with fellow keepers of the Earth?

Then join the Resistance!

We now have invite codes for all, but are particularly keen to invite any that live in or travel to Northamptonshire and the wider East Midlands areas.

Training and fast levelling up opportunities will be provided.

Contact me privately for your invite code today.

The Resistance needs you...

#resistance #northampton #ingress #invitecodes #eastmidlands #android 

It might be a bit late, but there's still time to wish everyone a Happy Towel Day.

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Nice retro easter egg from Google here... I played #breakout on Google Image Search! I made it to level 3 in Image Breakout! Can you beat my score of 1049? That should be easy to beat...

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+Larry Page +Google The first thing I do everyday is read the news. I use Google Reader for this and go back to it many times a day. I came across this article on the android version of Google Reader, and then my heart sank.

I personally feel that if the Google Reader nerf goes ahead then trust in all Google products will be at an all time low. And whatever happened to the company's motto "Don't be evil"? This will surely be the most evil thing Google will have ever done.

Google have cited that it is down to low usage. However, I believe this isn't the true reason. It is clear just from looking at Google's own Play Store and the apps that rely on this product, that usage is pretty darn impressive.

Many users are now demanding that Google rethink its position on this. There's a petition linked in the article below which I have signed and I urge others to sign it too. Even if you don't use Google Reader.

Here's another interesting article from the good guys at Techradar...

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