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Julie Combies (Jewels)
I may have no voice, but I have plenty to say!
I may have no voice, but I have plenty to say!

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Google gave me the definition when I was looking for a related search...
noun: mute; plural noun: mutes
dated, offensive
a person lacking the faculty of speech."

I don't find it offensive. I'm mute. I strongly prefer the term.
I like how it fits the one syllable theme of words like deaf, and blind.
It's quick and to the point. I really don't know why it's considered offensive. (except when used to describe deaf people. The reason why that's offensive is pretty obvious.)
I tried looking up why it's considered offensive, and all that comes up is why it's offensive to deaf people.

I feel like I missed something somewhere. Of course, there aren't exactly a plethora of other mute people to ask. Doesn't matter. I'm the only one who can define myself.

When most people see a spider in the house: "AAAHH!!! KILL IT!!! KILL IT!!! BURN THE WHOLE HOUSE DOWN!!!"

When I see a spider in my house: "Hey, friend. Thanks for being the least obnoxious roommate ever. If you need water, there's a sink down the hall. Help yourself to any mosquitos that get in."

When most people find a mouse: *MURDERS IT IN COLD BLOOD!! Tosses the corpse in the trash as though it's life was entirely worthless*

When I find a mouse: *Catches it, brings it to a more suitable place to live, and appolgizes for having to evict*

When most people find a bee in the house: *Flails around screaming like an idiot*

When I find a bee in the house: *Offers water, a sugary snack, and helps him get back outside*

I guess I'm just "weird", eh?

Does anyone want to go to a haunted house or something with me? Please? Folken friends, ASL friends, complete strangers... I don't care, let's go!
Halloween is my favorite time of year, I really don't want it to slip by having done nothing fun. Who doesn't want to roll up to a halloween attaction or event in a friggen hearse?! First taker gets to ride with me! (Sorry, no one rides in the back unless you're dead. It's unsafe back there when in motion)
This is the last enjoyable mainstream holiday of the year before I have to hear countless repeats of "Santa Baby" and see a billion posts bitching about plain red Starbucks cups. 
Not to mention, this could be the last Halloween to enjoy before President Tweedle Dee or President Tweedle Dumb burns our country down!

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I believe the slang term for this is "owned."

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My broken exhaust is loud enough that I've been concerned that riding in the car for extended drives risks hearing damage.
This conversation took place regarding my blog and captioning...

Becca: "If the exhaust is being repaired, I'm going to want to post a video showing before and after, and how loud it is. How am I going to caption that?"
Me: "I don't think that works."
Jenn: "You could illustrate it. After could be you driving normally. Before could be driving with your ruptured ears bleeding."
Me: >sigh<

I am under too much load. As soon as I can grab an oppertunity, I need to venture off and meditate for several hours.

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+Baby Blue​, +Alan Verrier​, +Abby Eger
Someone left the cat running!

I really wish coffee would brew itself and bring itself to me.

Random thoughts brought on by watching YouTube:
When I do die someday, I want to haunt a few people. I'd need chains though, I can't go "ooooooooh". Wait, would my ghost have a voice? How does that work? It wouldn't be limited by a body. Great, a mystery I'd need to die to find the answer to.
Maybe I can haunt by just standing there all creepy like those twins from The Shining. Is that the right movie I'm thinking of?
I kinda do that now, if I put my cloak on. [not at all seriously] *gasp* Maybe nobody can hear me because I've been already dead this whole time!!! *cue dramatic music*

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