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Chris Horner
SEO consultant since 2001 - SEO at TOP PAGE ( Cheltenham & London )
SEO consultant since 2001 - SEO at TOP PAGE ( Cheltenham & London )


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A bright new Band from Cheltenham - Brevity Fall

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Identify the right KPI's is the key to  successful digital marketing campaign.
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How to Identify the Right KPIs for Online Video

Hi Community,

As the final YourTube Tuesday, check out this insightful article from our friends at Think With Google. When it comes to measuring a video ad’s success, views aren’t everything. Honing your digital video strategy to find the most appropriate KPIs and metrics will not only ensure that your campaign goals are met, it'll enable your brand to reach your target audience in the most important moments along their customer journey.

Kim Larson, who works with hundreds of brands each year as the global head of BrandLab, helps to refocus teams by using a thought-provoking exercise designed to identify the right KPI's for their goals. Now, that exercise is shared with you - so that you can help your teams look beyond views too.

Check out the full article here »

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Google remove right hand side ads, but moves from 3 to 4 ads at the top.

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Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is launched today
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Amazing Inspirations that Take the Bathroom Outdoors!
While some #bathrooms on display here will leave you spellbound, others offer a practical and stylish way of taking the shower or bathtub outside without any major makeovers. If you thought that taking a relaxing dip in the backyard was not your thing, then think again!
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wow...I thought honey was good for ya

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Latest pastel portrait

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