Here’s a summary of my election outcome analysis discussed this morning (11/7/12) at 2:35am on +Red Eye Radio with Eric Harley and Gary McNamara!

Tonight was an extremely closer than we think NCAA Finals Election Shoot Out – won by Obama much narrower - than we think at first look - in just “two-point bank shoots”, “free-throws”, and “three-point dazzling shoots” in Florida, Virginia, Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, Colorado, and Nevada! Our president is extremely great at playing “election-ball.” 

Here’s why along five main fronts:

1. Men voted their wallets for Romney. Women separated from men at the last minute and voted their bodies for Obama. So, Hollywood celebrities do work in winning extremely narrow two-point election outcomes across Florida, Virginia, Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, Colorado, and Nevada!

2. Elections are all about the vowels, constenants, and words we say, and about how we look, more than about the ideals and principles we convey, and results we achieve for an evolving American electorate, either hinged onto a “socially-mind media” on the left, or simply just “too busy keeping up with a financially-minded Wall St. or Main St.” on the right.

3. Tonight’s result is still too much about "changing the past" back in 2000 with President George W. Bush, and about “holding-the-line” for four more years of “kicking yet another can down the road forward towards a strip-mining of America” – the second chapter of my book, "Jumping The Aisle – How I Became a Black Republican in the Age of Obama," which is apparently more relevant as a book now than one could have even imagined before about what’s possible. This election was an upset victory at a NCAA Finals Election Shoot Out! 

4. The American people have decided in their freedom and independence to choose between “the haves” and “the have-nots” - now more clearly split in that decision along Romney’s 47 and Obama’s 47! Like all upsets, there is no clear mandate of “FORWARD to What?” or to “What Belief in America?” The clear “Romney 5-Point Plan” was apparently not enough to persuade an evolving American electorate. Instead, Obamacare at a doctor or a small business near you is apparently here to stay.

5. Vice-presidential picks do indeed matter more than we actually think. And those picks not selected matter too. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) is the future of the Republican movement. So it is an “extreme over-reach to think” Republicans are dead tonight. In the opening of my book, "Jumping The Aisle," I describe Senator Marco Rubio as having “presidential swag,” who can “shake the funk”, sort of speak, and who is “dynamic, joyful, disciplined and principled.” Looking forward instead of backwards tonight, Senator Marco Rubio in indeed the “future star” playing in 2016’s NCAA Finals Election Shoot Out!

I'd like to acknowledge and sincerely thank, Casey and Tobey Wood, my "twin-brother" neighbor buds, attending George Washington University, for our wonderful impromptu election night discussion gathering tonight, shaping my immediate thoughts on the election!
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