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Gail Peck
I'm a gad about who shoots lots and lots of photographs.
I'm a gad about who shoots lots and lots of photographs.

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What City Did We Stay in Last Night?
Despite the fact that I am typing this in Laramie, Wyoming, it is still hot as the dickens, even at more than 7,000 feet elevation. Thank God we did not take this trip in August! You will be happy to know that my stomach has been fine and dandy since I last...

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Day Five
It is never a question of if my stomach will betray me, it is always, when will it happen? This morning was that day, causing us to get off to a later start than planned. Then too, the heat is so extreme, driving only a few hundred miles is enough to wear a...

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Seven States So Far! Many More to Go!
Are you ready for a crazy amount of photographs? Hope so!! After a crazy day on Sunday packing, we took off around 6AM Monday morning. Neither of us slept that well so when we woke up around 5 it seemed like there was no point in not leaving ASAP. We began ...

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The Road Ahead
A whole lot has changed since last we sold a home, so it was a surprise to us that we would sign the closing papers on one day, and the buyers would sign on the next day. As fate would have it, our realtor Lynn was on her yearly vacation, so her partner Ann...

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Getting Together with Friends and Family
The countdown begins until the big drive...only six more days to go. Our friends and family have been so good to us, you would think we were moving away forever, what with the outpouring of love and kindness we've been shown. More company on Saturday night....

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From Drab to Fab
I am taking credit for neither today's blog post title, nor, more importantly, finding this beautiful space we are now calling home. We can thank David for both, and we have done so with gusto. Apparently last evening they were walking Ginger behind our uni...

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Day Four at LPV
Bruce and I would be the first to say that we have been so very blessed in life, beginning with finding each other at such an early age. It seemed a fitting reminder when I found these coins at the bottom of Bruce's bottom drawer, of a time when we were ver...

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Making Hard Decisions
Even the most prolific blogger you know has had little, to no time, for blogging, but because Baxter woke us up super early this morning, I'm going to get a few things down before it all becomes one big blur! Briefly, I'll describe what's been happening...t...

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It is About the Future
So, we had our moving sale, and for most of the time, the sales were fast and furious with Bruce bearing the brunt of most of the craziness. With no advertising aside from four roadside signs, we did good. Mary told us not to bother pricing things which wor...

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With Age You Get a Lot of Stories
Little did Hunter know how apt his words were to me when he came to do some routine maintenance on the air conditioner. Before we got all wild and crazy buying a condo, I had called to schedule the service before we left town, only they were booked for ages...
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