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Gay dad with two kids, one husband, two cats and twelve chickens
Gay dad with two kids, one husband, two cats and twelve chickens

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So many people think of Cabo San Lucas and the surrounding area as just a place to go party. Did you know that it's actually a fantastic family travel destination?!

We've put together a list of the best places to snorkel in Cabo and the Los Cabos area, from Land's End to Cabo Pulmo. Truly, there are some amazing reefs, rocks, beaches and tidepools that are perfect for exploring and getting a glimpse into the undersea world. #snorkeling #LosCabos #VisitMexico #familytravel

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What a cool place to accidentally explore. I bet you're glad of your cheapskate publicist now? ;) The sunken church is really fascinating.

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I really want to do this when we're in France next. We love road trips and this is the perfect way to experience the countryside!
Take the stress out of hiring a campervan in Europe by choosing France Motorhome Hire. English speaking, professional, fully maintained vehicles, roadside assistance and so much more.

Most importantly - no hidden costs. Everything is included in your quote meaning no nasty surprises.

#France #motorhomes #campervans

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If China is on your #bucketlist, start in Shaanxi Province by visiting Xi'an. It's the perfect blend of history, *Chinese culture, food and nature. Take a look at our Xi'an city guide for how to plan an amazing, unforgettable trip!

#China #travel

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Xi'an city guide: how to experience China's first capitol with history, nature and culture. From museums to national parks, itinerary and travel tips for Xi'an.

Sites include: Terracotta Warriors, ancient city wall, cultural experiences, striking mountainous national parks, food...

#China #travel #Asia

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We don't often call anything "*Off the beaten path*" but here's a place to share: Taibai National Park and Baoji, China - so off the beaten path we giggled about it continuously.

-->> article here -->>:…/taibai-mountain-off-the-beaten-pa…/

Take a look at one of the most beautiful spots in central China, including one of the national parks that is home to PANDAS!!! Did we get to see pandas in the wild? Check out the article/galleries to see!

w/ +Richelle Gamlam +Coffee With A Slice Of Life +Jean Holy Smithereens

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The southern tip of Baja California is most well known for Cabo San Lucas and being a party destination, but its nature is amazing too. From the beaches of the East Cape of San Jose del Cabo to Cabo Pulmo National Park, the sea life and environment is unlike your standard Mexican beach destinations.
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We're continually finding new places and sites to visit in #IncredibleIndia. It'll be an amazing trip when it happens!
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