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Annie Angello
Yay for Bikes and Doggies.
Yay for Bikes and Doggies.

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Old Habits Die Hard
It's good to be back in the saddle, for all that I haven't had overmuch to say on the topic. But cycling has re-entered my life as an all-the-time thing, especially with regard to how I get to work. The flip came for me when I realized that I have to go to ...

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The Bicycle Film Festival comes to Austin
One of the best parts of the TNSR is that the greater cycling universe occasionally shows up. Every week I seem to meet someone brand-new and a lot of times they have something really interesting to say. Sometimes they tell you about stuff that's going on. ...

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Wij zijn niet van suiker
This morning when I awoke at 5:45 am, I heard rain hitting the ground but managed to talk myself out of bed to ride into work. The whole way was pleasant, cool, and actually pretty dry!  A half a mile from work, home free (or so I thought), "Wow!" said I. "...

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Spring has sprung, and I couldn't be happier. Even here in usually-sunny central Texas, this winter was the worst I can remember in many, many years. It's seemed that the cold and ice and rain would never end and we'd all be forever trapped under layers of ...

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The Protected Bike Lane, Explained.
I've explained before that my preferred bike lane is the "Separated" bike lane or "Cycle Track" as they're usually called here in the States. But I can hear it in your heads, "But Annie, what IS a separated cycle track and why are they a good thing?" Well l...

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Battle scars and Beausage
This June is the Surly's fourth birthday. It's been my only bike for 2 of those 4 years, and in that time it's been chained to every type of available surface in Austin, falled over, been dropped, shoved into cars, run over potholes, jumped curbs, carried p...

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Deary me, it's 2014!
Happy new year, y'all! I'm only 2 weeks late saying that - not bad by my standards of timeliness. I've got some awesome new stuff planned for this year which will be including New and Exciting things! Guest posts! Videos! More pictures, opinion pieces, help...

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Upgrades and Revolution Part 2: The Drag
This is a bit later than previously anticipated - I apologize, I got swamped. Now, to business. People for Bikes recently declared the 10 best protected bike lanes in the U.S . Check out number 3! BAM! That's us! Reading that article is honestly what prompt...
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