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Regina Hodge
I just wanna make pretty things... Freelance Writing, Photography, and Selling Art are the latest adventures. :)
I just wanna make pretty things... Freelance Writing, Photography, and Selling Art are the latest adventures. :)

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The Promise of a Sammich
"Mommy has to eat so she can live. Mommy has to eat NOW in order to stay alive because Mommy feels pretty lightheaded, mmmmkaaaay?" Sometimes I say things to my kid and I don't even pay attention to what it sounds like to other people. Today, I found myself...

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The Google-As-You-Go Parenting Style & Other Random Lessons Learned
I can't think of anything to blog about besides my kid. She's napping now, which isn't interesting to me- much less to you. Kids aren't really all that interesting though. They have opinions, sure, but are they really based on anything valid? I mean, they'v...

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Six Months, A Cone Head, & Other Momish Updates
I promised I'd post a few 6 month shots of Everly so here we go... It can be hard to blog when you have a baby. I have no idea how people keep up with it! I've been a slacker. Can't believe it's been half a year since Everly was born! Everyone tells you tim...

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6 Months Later...
It's been over six months since I last blogged. Having a baby is a good excuse for taking a break, right? Tomorrow, Everly turns 6 months old. CRAZY!!!! My life has changed so much since she was born. I don't even know where to start! In times like these, I...

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The New Stay At Home Mom
My daughter reminds me of what’s really important. She keeps
my priorities in check. She encourages me without realizing it. She reveals my
strengths and weaknesses without favoritism, showing me who and how I really
am. No frills. I’ve been a stay-at-home ...

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Gifts for Nurses on Labor and Delivery Day - D.I.Y. Goody Bags
NURSE THANK YOU GIFTS I wanted to find a way to say 'thank you' to the nurses I'll meet on my labor and delivery day, which is fast approaching! After spending way too much time on Pinterest, I ended up doing my own little version of goody bag gifts for nur...

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39 Weeks and Counting - Snow Pictures While We Wait
At 39 weeks, every little ache and pain makes me wonder if I'm about to go into labor. My doctor has assured me that when I do go into labor, I'll "know it". Still, the waiting part is hard. My schedule is weird. I've been awake since 1AM. 2AM is Cheerio ti...

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Hats for Everly - Learning to Crochet Newborn Hats & Booties
  My cousin, Rachel, has gotten awesome at crocheting. She made the hats and booties (above & left) for my daughter, Everly. SO SWEET!! I LOVE handmade, thoughtful gifts but this one was almost too much! She had sewn in my daughter's name and matched yarn c...

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35 Weeks Pregnant - Pregnancy Projects in Progress!
At 35 weeks pregnant, you start to panic a little. There's so much you want to do! After making numerous to-do lists, we started knocking some projects out... MATERNITY SHOTS & PREGNANCY PICS I haven't done a great job taking maternity/belly pictures every ...
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