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Turned 31 today. Been a lot of fun. Ready for an even better evening. Thanks for all the bday wishes!

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Looks like Mick Foley is back in WWE. He appeared as a special ref at a house show in Ireland and will be on other European tour dates while also doing comedy shows. Here's the article on Foley that I wrote back in June, calling for WWE to bring him back and use him as Raw GM. I'm not sure what is next for him, but hopefully they do put him in a major role on camera again:

Oh hi Google Plus. It's been a while. Hard to juggle all my various social media outlets. Will try once again to post more on here. Hope all is well with everybody. Things are great here. Lots going on. Birthday on Friday and not even depressed about it for a change. That's fun.

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Here's my Hell in a Cell recap: Been writing a lot in the past week or so. After Tuesday's Raw Deal I think I'll enjoy a bit of a writing break.

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Raw Roster evaluation is up: Smackdown goes up Thursday night or Friday morning. Enjoy.

I'm really proud of the two part column that I'm posting on Wed & Thu. A full WWE roster evaluation. It's been a lot of writing, but I'm happy with it. Will post it around 24 hours from now.

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Awesome tribute to Eddie Guerrero by CM Punk and the people of El Paso. CM Punk pays tribute to Eddie Guerrero RAW El Paso 9-24-2011

I hate writing formal letters to people that are work associates. Sometimes "Dear Asshole" is the way I want to go. By sometimes I mean most of the time.

Forgot to post about it, but I liked the movie Contagion last night. It was a good drama with a few gross out moments. I was coughing as I left the theater just to mess with people.

Off to see Contagion. Heard and read good things about it. Still need to see Warrior & Moneyball soon as well.
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