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Art Connoisseurs, Patrons, and the Sammy Olagbaju legacy
In Nigeria art patronage is still a
developing culture. A number of factors of course go to inform the flowering of
this culture or the lack of it for that matter. Thus in history of art, art
patronage refers to the support and encouragement that was provid...

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Jelili Atiku and the struggle in Ejigbo
By Molara Wood The Netherlands Embassy in Lagos opened its doors to members of
the Nigerian arts community recently for a celebration of one of their own, an
artist under siege, in an event designed to send a message, that he is not
alone. Anyone seeing per...

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Uche Okeke, Uli Art Movement and the Legacy of Beautiful Lines
And the legend finally comes
to an end; Professor Uche Okeke - the great master and pioneer finally goes
home to his maker leaving the ‘sensitive lines’ with us. As the originator of Ulism , the great son of Okeke worked the lines to frenzy as he ‘doodled’ ...

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How to Obtain Healing Through Art
If art is spiritual as well as mental, which
I think it is, then it follows that art therapy is real. But the question is
how can art heal; what kind of art can deliver healing virtues to the one
needing healing? I also want to believe that the mind is a ve...

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Art and the art of living are rather inseparable condiments in the soup of life. Soul and body wellness is what you'd get from a rounded lifestyle  bound by natural health and aethetics

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Fine Art as a Tool for Societal Development, and the Dire Need for a Revival
The social nay political direction of any given
society will definitely be predicated on the norms and societal values that
guide such a community. But when there is a lack of these, it should not come
as a surprise to anyone why things do not seem to work....

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Issues in Contemporary Nigerian art – a Book Launch
The much awaited book - ‘ Issues in Contemporary
Nigerian art’ which
was conceptualised and compiled by the Nigerian Artist, Juliet Ezenwa Maja-Pearce,
was finally brought to birth as artists and art buffs, including the media,
were invited to be part of th...

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El Anatsui – Experimental Artist, Sculptor, and a Golden Lifetime of Achievements
Recently renowned artist and lecturer,
Professor El Anatsui, won the acclaimed Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement at
the Venice Biennale. Ghanaian born El Anatsui having worked and lived in
Nigeria for the past 45 years has always been dynamic and outstan...

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The Body Art of Tattoos: Enter 3D, Optical Illusion and Digital Designs
From time immemorial body art has been with
man; ancient people and tribes had scarification, body paintings and drawings. Scarification
were incisions put on the body; for instance, the men in some African tribes
scarify their faces and bodies as, or for p...
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