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Embra, Again
Embra, Again


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Hanging Hondo - a Star Wars short story
This story came after reading a post the esteemed Pablo Hidalgo made on Twitter. The discussion touched on the flags hanging outside Maz's castle on Takodana, and the fact that Hondo Ohnaka 's banner was one of them. I adore Hondo. He was one of my favourit...

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Being Good
For a while now I've been involved with a short animated film project called 'Being Good'. I was brought in on it by Jenny Harder, one of the concept artists at Studio Gobo whom I worked with on the Star Wars Disney Infinity game. She's just written an arti...

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Keeping Up To Date
While this blog is fine and dandy for posting old interviews and suchlike, as well as bigger updates on new projects, I've got an official author Facebook page thing for the day to day bits and pieces. It's a weirdness, really, as I ditched my personal Face...

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John Hollis Interview
Back in early June of 1997, through his agent, I made
contact with John Hollis. Of course, he played Lobot in The Empire Strikes Back , but had a long career in British TV as
well as on film. He’d been in so many things I’d watched as a kid – Grange Hill,

"Wait! What are you doing?!"
"You were about to give the matches to the wee kid there."
"Well... Yes."
"What for?!"
"I don't see the problem."
"You don't see the... She keeps setting the house on fire!"
"The house is fine. Look. There's nothing wrong with this room."
"The kitchen is gone, so we can't feed ourselves."
"There's takeaway, yeah? There are options."
"The roof is still smouldering, so there's nothing to protect us if it rains."
"Oh, come on. It hardly ever rains here. If it does we'll just put coats on."
"They're on fire too."
"It'll be fine. The neighbour's will help."
"No. They won't. Every time you went over there, the kid burned something. Besides, you still owe money on the Lottery syndicate."
"The Lottery! I forgot about that. We'll win the Lottery."
"You're not in the syndicate any more."
"Oh they'll share out the winnings still."
"They won't."
"They'd bloody better or they'll get the sharp side of my tongue."
"That won't... Hey! You gave the matches to the kid!"
"Well who else am I going to give them too?"
"But she'll set fire to the house!"
"She might not this time."
"She always sets fire to the house! We can't even use the first aid box. She burned that too."
"She has plasters and things."
"No. She gave them to her mates and they bloody charge for them."
"Awwww. Bless. So enterprising."
"Yeah, only her mates sold them all to someone two streets away, so now there's nothing."
"We'll be fine."
"Just take the matches back. Give them to someone else."
"But she really wants them. Look at her ickle face. I haven't seen her so happy since she had those chips the other day."
"Look, why not give them to one of the neighbours?"
"Oh, the man in the newsagents doesn't like them. Says they're a rum lot."
"You don't like the man from the newsagents. You tell me he keeps lying about everything. You really hate him."
"Yeah, but I totally trust him on this, and he says to give the matches to little Theresa."
"Right. So the man who lies to you, and who overcharges you for matches, and who you don't trust on anything else, says to give the matches to the kid who burns the house down. Every. Single. Time."
"Well, it's your fault if the place burns down."
"No it isn't. It's yours."
"What? How does that even work?!"
"It'll be your fault for not 100% backing my decision to give the matches to Theresa."
"That's mental..."
"No it isn't. Traitor. The man in the newsagents said so."
"The man in..."
"Did you know he's starting up an estate agent business? Says he'll help out if anything unlikely ever happens to the house."

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The Death of Santa
Well, it had to happen eventually. I’m glad it happened the way it did. If he had to go, I’m glad he fell to two of my favourite people – Pablo Hidalgo and Dave Filoni. I suppose, for posterity, I should explain a little about the life and death and rebirth...

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Build R2-D2
The latest Star Wars partwork I'm writing for launches next month. I'm having a lot of fun writing for this one. Even after just under 21 years of this, I'm still finding new and exciting things to write about. Nice to keep the job fresh and interesting! Th...

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I had a great night earlier this week talking to Chris and Kev of 365Flicks. The result was the following podcast interview thingy. :)

I am a citizen of the world, and bloody proud of it.
I am not bound by petty patriotism, casual racism, and small thinking.
According to the 'leader' of my country, that makes me a citizen of nowhere.
I can live with that. Nowhere seems like a nice place - all the best people live there.

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Champions of Anteria, the game I wrote a bunch of stuff for, was released at the very end of last month. Seems to be doing alright, and I'm pleased to say that most of the reviews listed the story and humour in the positive column of their reviews. Of course, almost none of those reviews are in English, so I'm not sure if the positivity is down to an excellent translation team or the original writing. Still, this is my page so I'm going to say that it's coz of my mad skilz. Or something.
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