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as I don't get to speak much at home, making up for it by increasing my speaking engagements.... 8 hour digital workshop at JW marriot tomo, similar workshop at Claridges Delhi fri, Speaking at NIMIS E-Summit Saturday, IIM bangalore Monday, SEMPO event Chennai on the 29th whew !

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full day digital workshop in Delhi and Mumbai - 22nd August in Mumbai, 23rd in Delhi - 

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"Approach to Building Brands through Digital" Webinar, 3 pm August 7th, Wednesday - registrations have crossed 300 + - need your help to make it cross 500 plus, please share this post freely !

My Goals.... sort of for life rather than 2013 :), however some have deadlines.. 

1 - Gain new  Experiences ( hopefully only the ones that are allowed by law :) ) 

2 - Lead a Joyful life ( for me success is having the flexibility of doing things that give me joy ) 

3 - Spread Joy ( I have learned that karma is everything - the process of giving itself helps achieve my second goal ) 

4 - Become the best at what I do ! ( it is almost day 1 for digital marketing in india - last 15 years have helped me build a foundation that can now be leveraged for taking off, both from Individual and iProspectCommunicate 2 point of view ) 

5 - Learn a new skill every quarter ( learning new things give me most joy - It is ok to be a jack of all as long as u are master of one ) 

6 - Write a book before then end of this year ( public commitments have always helped me do things that I have tendency to procrastinate :(   - I believe that our goal as iProspectCommunicate 2 is to be a Sherpa for our clients, and the only way that we can help them reach their summit if they are digitally fit - we can do the heavy lifting but we cant carry them - although we have always done this through our regular workshops / master classes / articles / Speaking Engagements etc - in order to accelerate this process a book can help- thus this goal )  

7 - renewed focus on my health ( losing weight is only the start - but would like be a lot fitter than what I am at the moment ! - here again one more public commitment - tougher one as this goal is public and is visibly objective. ) 

8 - Upgrade my life only in Multiples, never in increments ( had spent tens of hours with a $ Billionaire 10 years ago - never forgot his philosophy, will have to write a separate post to explain the same - best advise of my life)

Unfortunately will have to keep my goals for iProspectCommunicate 2 private  - limitations of being a part of a listed company :) 

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a photograph that takes one's breath away - imagine a tiger charging at you with these eyes

thought i will be active on Google + - but have'nt lived up to the same, what is new years without a new year resolution

Judging the Iamai Digital Awards since last 2 hours... Being a jury amongst friends is much better than sitting in the hotel room alone and judging entries... that too when you are on an offsite and other colleagues are painting Dubai Red ! - Subho Ray - all for Iamai... IAMAI has been the true catalyst for the Digital Industry of India

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we can all do our Bit for Female Foeticide, do watch the show if you did not watch it today, available online
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