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After using the Linksys #NSLU2 mostly remotely , using the #RaspveryyPi has been a piece of cake.

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Wonder how much tourist trade #Louisiana will lose over removal of the monuments. Canceled my trip there.

My brother has a Masters degree in CS. Gave him a Raspberry Pi 3 for his birthday. Be interesting to see what he does with it. #RPi #RaspberryPi

The real cause of the wannacrypt is the #nsa and #Obama. But the news media will never admit it.

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Is there any truth to the alleged rumor that the news media is behind the cyber attacks. @msnbc.

Get your raspberry pis mpt before #Microsoft buys the Rasp[verry pi foundation off off. #RPi 

Now that a so-called professor from Harvard said that Trump should be impeached, how many republican kids no longer want to to to #Harvard.

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Ethernet on the arduino is easy. You can use the shield or the stand alone modules. the stand alone modules will even work on a bare bones arduino.
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#sheldon's favorite #the big bang theory. Pasta with cut up wieners.
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