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Oh well, I didn't even knew that my backup drive (that seems to have read errors) had 600PB. Time for a new (though not bigger) one.

# smartctl --info /dev/sdd
smartctl 6.2 2013-07-26 r3841 [x86_64-linux-3.13.0-86-lowlatency] (local build)
Copyright (C) 2002-13, Bruce Allen, Christian Franke,

Vendor: /5:0:0:0
User Capacity: 600.332.565.813.390.450 bytes [600 PB]
Logical block size: 774843950 bytes
>> Terminate command early due to bad response to IEC mode page
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What Analysts Don't Understand: Tesla Doesn't Have to "Win" the EV or Self-Driving Car Races

Elon Musk has long said that his ultimate goal is saving humanity from itself in terms of environmental destruction, and the most immediate way to do that is to reduce our use of fossil fuels in general, and gasoline and diesel more specifically.

Because traditional/established car companies weren't willing to invest in the development of electric vehicles (EVs), Musk decided that he needed to make a company selling nothing but EVs such a substantial, influential member of the auto industry that other carmakers would have no choice but to begin taking that segment seriously. He never once said his goal was to make Tesla the biggest car company, or even a profitable one.

Look around. Now, in mid-2016, there is a magnitude or two more effort being put into EVs. Musk has already accomplished his first goal, but he has moved on. He now wants the vast majority of consumer vehicles to be electric within a decade or two. By all measures, he's on pace to accomplish that as well, despite Tesla probably never accounting for more than 5% of the entire car industry in terms of either sales revenue or volume.

So how does Tesla's other initiatives -- battery cells, battery packs for buildings, and solar panel manufacturing and installation -- help accomplish Musk's overall goal of a clean energy revolution? It's all about the supply chain. If your suppliers can't provide you with the volume of materials you need at the price you require to make the end product available to mass market, you have to scale up. Since nobody is willing to do that on their own, he is.

As solar energy (and renewable energy overall) experiences massive reductions in the per-kWh cost of electricity, Musk and Tesla are brilliantly positioned to provide both intermediate and final products to consumers and industry.

I can hear you asking, "But what about self-driving cars?" Tesla doesn't need self-driving capabilities to sell its cars, but it's investing in it because it's the future. And vehicle autonomy fits squarely in with Musk's overall goal because as cars get more able to drive themselves, people will begin needing fewer cars, reducing the overall environmental impact of cars. In fact, we may one day rely almost solely on autonomous EV car services, like what Uber is starting to roll out in a test in Pittsburgh, rather than most of us owning our own cars. And if Tesla can sell cars both to those who want to own their own and to the car service providers, that's smart. Very smart.

But, ultimately, if Musk were to wake up one day 2 or 15 years from now and see gas-powered cars on a massive decline, heading into single-digit sales, with clean-energy cars making up the vast majority of new car purchases, and no new investment in fossil fuel supplies, I suspect he'd be fine with Tesla never being more than niche car manufacturer. And I probably would be, too, although I suspect many would consider that a loss for automotive enthusiasts who consider Tesla's engineering advances to be valuable in their own right.
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Trying out Digikam (5), seems like a powerful program. Does anybody (+Dmitri Popov maybe?) use #digikam with a shared MySQL database on a samba share and uses both Linux and Windows? Of course I would take care to use the same versions on both platforms, but I'm not sure if it works, read about problems. (Don't have access to the windows machine atm...)

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Gerade gesehen: Wartungsarbeiten auf den Webseiten von :-)
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TLDR: Can I sensible manage samba accounts in openldap with Apache Directory Studio (or other general purpose ldap editors)?

I'm currently trying to move away from GOsa as our LDAP management tool. (Also I'm changing cyrus to dovecot, but that's taken care of.) I want to get away from solutions like GOsa, because it was hard for us to enhance their software for our need while staying up to date with their code. I would like to edit our users with general purpose ldap interfaces like Apache Directory Studio or similar.

Since we use the directory also for storing our samba accounts, I realized that GOsa did more in that department than I thought. I don't want to manually generate the different samba password hashes (sambaLMPassword, sambaNTPassword) and the non human readable fields (sambaPwdLastSet, sambaMungedDial) myself. Also managing the ids could be something that the tool should do. Is there any way between tools like GOsa and LAM and the complete manual approach? Or do I have to use smbldap-tools on the console and edit the rest in ADS? :/

Thanks for reading and please share if you think you know people that can help...

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I'm looking for a new way to organize my photos on my home server and I hope there might be people here with good ideas about that. (sharing of course appreciated!)

At the moment my photos are (badly outdated) on my home server in shotwell (and previously Fspot). Before I moved I had it connected as second desktop to my monitor and did my photo management directly there. It is running headless now, and X forwarding with photos sounds like a big pain.

I guess I could run shotwell on my desktop and point the data directory to my server. But I wouldn't mind a solution that is less bound to a single computer and maybe operating system (would be nice to share one library with my girlfriend who is using Windows).

I don't think I need many features, we use a simple Canon S120 and our smartphones to take pics, so no need for raw support. I like to tag my photos (occasion, people in the pic, location...) and sometimes write 5-10 words about the pic. Shotwell allowed me to save all that metadata in the pictures themselves, so in case I want to switch programs, migration is quite easy. Something like that would be great again. Also I would appreciate a nice structure in the file system, like year/month/day.

I don't really do much editing and rarely print a photo at home.

Web based (self hosted) or not doesn't matter.

Maybe +Dmitri Popov​ might have an idea?

Thanks for any input!

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I'm thinking of moving a lot of my dotfiles into a (private) git repository. shows a few projects that try to simplify that process. I've checked out a few (alterant, dotbot, dotty and ellipsis) but am unsure. Some have encryption (for more sensitive config files), others seem to work well with special setups on different computers. Some can also split everything well in different repos (independently shareable).

But shortly: Is anybody using one of those systems/scripts and can tell me the strength and shortcomings of theirs? Thanks!

#linux #dotfiles #git
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"It’s almost certainly too late for Linux to be a hugely popular desktop/laptop operating system, at least in the developed world. But it’s not too late for enough of us to use it that we ensure some level of computing liberty for those who want it."
He might be right, on the other hand in the last 2 years one of my biggest problems on #linux - gaming - disappeared thanks to Steam. (Well, again DRM...) Since gaming on linux took up, it became so much more viable for me outside of work again and I rarely boot up my Win7 installation anymore.
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I really liked a lot of things about Episode VII, but Kenny Baker listed as "R2-D2 Consultant" made my day.

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