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Dan is awesome. He turned my least favorite tattoo on my body into something I love looking at. I'll be back over the next year or so to finish my sleeve! Great conversationalist too. Grateful I found a decent tattooist in central Florida.
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Heck naw. Perfect example of a place that probably never had good good to begin with, that somehow managed to build a great reputation by using that feel-good, racist "remember yesteryear"
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I am so mad I wasted all that money!! Soggy, tasteless fish and bland frozen fries? Never again. One star only because the fried chicken tender I got my daughter was decent, but nothing exceptional. For what they charge, that fish needs to be much better. Or just stop serving fish altogether.
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Thank Heavens for Dale!! I needed to find a "spot the difference" picture book for a client today, and the book I had ordered on amazon was delayed (I guess by the holiday). I called the store & he was amazing! The inventory they had in the computer system was different from what was in the store, but he physically went to the shelf and selected 3 diff options for me to choose from when I was able to take my lunch break. Great work, and I'm so glad that someone showed me the value of a good bookstore and great employees who know their books! Thank you :)
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Simpson Park is a beautiful facility. One would be amazed how many children and families rotate through it's doors and the variety of sports, fitness and personal growth programs that are offered. Mr. Marquis Roberts, the director, is doing such a great job inviting those in the community to take part, enjoy, give back and share. The staff is great. The facility is immaculately maintained. Hooray for Mr. Roberts and staff!
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Didn't go inside, but hubby picked up take out. Unassuming exterior. Great pho!! Really hit the spot. Also, great appetizers; egg rolls and everything were perfect. I'm definetly making this place a regular spot of mine.
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I always come here for pure black soap and virgin coconut oil (when I don't want to take the trip out to the Dekalb Farmers Market). The prices are pretty good, and I love the quality of all their natural skin care items. Never had a smoothie there, but I'm not opposed to it. This place is the only one I know of where I can get real black soap, so I will always go back, if only for that.
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