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Now that is funny!

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Google I Love You So Much I'd +1 That -- Austin, TX

Here's to the nameless, faceless warriors who live and die in the service of their nation. They don't serve for fame or glory or even medals but for freedom and justice. We grieve with their families, and celebrate their bravery. It is now our duty to live worthy or their sacrifice.

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Wow! It even has that 1950's propaganda propaganda look and feel to it. I like it!
The individual Google+ propaganda poster.

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Yeah!!! I love video chat on my i-pad, now it is easier!

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Wow, that is suprising, I thought it would take longer.

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Very interesting article on link building

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Great set of shortcuts and info from Mari Smith!
Everyone, welcome +Ekaterina Walter to Google+!! Intel's awesome Social Media Strategist. hehee

Here are 11 resources to get you started:
1. +Simon Laustsen's G+ Cheat Sheet
2. 40 Google+ Tips and Tricks for Power Users
3. 20 of the Best Google Guides
4. Google+ Shortcuts and Tips (updated)
5. Find People on G+ (directory of 9.6M indexed users)
6. Google+ Statistics complete with leaderboards and top posts (from +Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten who brought us

My fave Chrome extensions so far, and a nifty widget:
7. G+Me - allows you to collapse/expand posts and comments (a must have!) and a few more bells 'n' whistles:
8. Replies and More - adds Reply to Author to all posts and comments. Also allows easy share on Twitter and Facebook:
9. Usability Boost - adds several visual features to enhance readability, among other nifty features:
10. Plus One Anything - adds a nifty +1 button to your browser toolbar for plussing any website whether they have the +1 button or not
11. Google Plus Widget - place a widget on your blog/site to display your follower (people who have circled you) count and realtime rotating updates.

My G+ buds, any other help for G+ newbies? +Chris Lang? +Chris Brogan? hehee ♡

UPDATE: Another awesome link to add:
The Mother of All Google+ Resource Lists:
and another directory: (cool site to become a "groupee" lol!)

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Just learned about a really cool way to do Polls on Google+:

1. Ask a question.

2. Quickly add the possible answers as the first comments.

3. People hit +1 on the comment they vote for.

Here goes: iPhone or Android?

Not sure who invented this, but I learned via +Natalie Villalobos , who shared it from +Ahmed Zeeshan , although I think +Matt Cutts was the first person I saw do it. If you know the inventor, please let me know so I can credit!!).
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