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Today 11:00 am – 11:00 pm
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Sushi & dishes from China, Japan, Korea & Thailand in a laid-back setting with a full bar.- Google
"Good sushi, rolls are big, and prices aren't too bad."
"We recommend the Crispy Sesame Chicken and the Caterpillar Rolls!"
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Matthew Clobridge's profile photo
Matthew Clobridge
in the last week
Overall, above average Asian food. Pad Thai is some of the best in the area. Sushi is good and service is always great. Some other dishes can be hit-or-miss, but generally consistent.
Jose Lopez
12 months ago
Overall, pretty average. The presentation of all rolls on a single plate left much to be desired for the prices we were charged. The sushi, while savory, was not carefully pressed and kept falling apart while we picked it with our experienced chopsticks. The waitress was very polite and asked if we needed help deciding on items. I don't know why she and her waiter coworker kept looking over at our table and smiling, but I'll assume the best. The ambience was ok at best: while the dim lighting was appropriate, the room temperature was on the warmer side, the floors incredibly sticky, and the decor (tables, accents) reminiscent of something from a cheap buffet. Lastly, the prices were a far cry from being commensurate with the average caliber of restaurant. Sure, Tasu has 2 for 1 specials, but the prices for single sushi rolls left me feeling pity for anyone who may have paid full price for any of the rolls. I would say a special is only a special when single items (i.e., a single sushi roll) are correctly priced for their quality. In any case, here's a breakdown of what we ended up paying (pieces indicated inside the parentheses). 1 Emerald Roll (5) - 12.95 1 Hurricane Roll (8) - 15.50 1 Sumo Roll (8) - 16.75 1 Sweet Dragon Roll (8) - 15.95 1 Apricot Tea - 4.00 1 Cary Roll (8) - 15.95 1 Ultimate Roll (6) - 17.95 Subtotal 99.05 Sushi 2FOR1 44.40 Tax 4.24 Grand Total 58.89 So yeah, there's no way that some of the smaller, sorrier looking rolls without the higher-cost ingredients were worth anywhere near their prices to give a grand sum of 99.05 before the special discount. Overall, I would recommend this place only if you're dying to eat out and you've already had Fast food, Mexican, Italian, BBQ, Chinese during the week. Personally, I enjoyed Little Tokyo a lot more. That is personal preference however and is not saying that any one place is ultimately better/worse for you. Happy dining
• • •
Luana Deans's profile photo
Luana Deans
a year ago
Our go-to restaurant for sushi. Good quality at a good price. Tasu serves a great Volcano roll. My favorite in town. Everyday they have 2 for 1 sushi in the restaurant, and you can even get it for take-out on Sundays and Mondays.
i'm uvaeeman
2 years ago
Good sushi, rolls are big, and prices aren't too bad. I could almost call this place perfect if they stood out from the pack by skipping two games. 1) You can't get bogo rolls if you do take-out... really? Couldn't I at least get buy one get one half off then? I don't see what they are so worried about. If they want to make sure people order an appetizer or salad, just say that the sushi is bogo when you buy a drink or salad or whatever. 2) Something that kind of bothers me about a lot of sushi places though is the per-table bogo or bogoho policy. Frankly, that's a load of confusing nonsense. Most people can barely split a check among themselves when everyone has ordered the same dollar value of food. If you have ever been in a group trying to get everyone to pay and tip properly, you know what I'm talking about. It's far too confusing to try to charge a whole table for just the most expensive sushi roll orders. It's in the best interest of your wait staff to split checks as much as possible. To do that right, you need to only put rolls on people's ticket that they actually ordered. And that means you need to just give bogo per ticket. To do otherwise puts-off customers. Personally, it isn't really surprising to me. Red Bowl does the same thing. But still... I'd like to see this removed. Or, remove the special altogether and just lower the roll prices by, say, 33%.
• • •
John Lowrey
11 months ago
I knew Tasu had buy-one-get-one-free rolls going into this experience, but I feel deceived about how I was billed. I ordered 2 rolls and made sure they were both $12 to ensure I got the best deal possible. When I ordered my rolls, I asked for a side order of sushi rice. I almost always get a bowl of sushi rice at Japanese restaurants and have never been told "no" until Tasu, so I instead decided to supplement my rolls with an order of nigiri. I really wasn't trying to spend a ton of money on it, so I got the cheapest nigiri (crabstick, I believe). The waitress told me the nigiri was also BOGO, so I ordered the next cheapest nigiri (the egg cake thing) thinking I would pay for 1 roll and 1 order of nigiri. Instead, I was charged for both $12 rolls and got the 2 measly nigiri orders for free. Basically, if I had stuck with just the 2 rolls, it would have been $12 total, but by trying to add $4 worth of extra food to my meal, my bill was doubled. I was quite clear with the waitress that I was trying to get the BOGO offer, and I feel like I was somewhat misled. I know it is my fault for not getting her to spell it out more clearly, but at the end of the day I feel like I was ripped off. If they would have just let me have my bowl of sushi rice as a side this never would have been an issue. I have seen people try to argue over BOGO billing issues to no avail, and the waitress seemed like she had never been to a real sushi restaurant before. Instead of raising cane I paid and left, but I assure you I will not return. You may have gotten me this time, Tasu, but you certainly won't get me again! I prefer to get what I want for a reasonable price and to not have to play these little ordering games with you in order to not get ripped off.
• • •
Sammi Hilliard's profile photo
Sammi Hilliard
11 months ago
We went to Tasu with a group of friends (5 of us total) Friday night and it was amazing! Most of us had never been. Our server was amazing! Everyone LOVED their food! The atmosphere was awesome! We totally took advantage of the BOGO sushi! We recommend the Crispy Sesame Chicken and the Caterpillar Rolls! We will be back!
M Leonard
2 years ago
DO NOT SIT IN BAR ON FRIDAYS (5-7pm)! I love Tasu but today I sat next to the most obnoxious table - drunk and screaming, at least I hope they were drunk for their sake. Supposedly they are regulars and that's fine if they want to drink and have a good time and apparently they bring in a lot of cash to the place. I just wish the hostess would have considered sitting us somewhere else - away from their noise (BLOWHORN loud - just ridiculous). My ears were ringing an hour after leaving the restaurant. No more Fridays for me...other than that the food was delicious :)
• • •
Heather G
2 years ago
After the service we received today, I would give it less than one star if I could. My husband and mother and I went for dinner. We got there around 3:45 pm, it was pretty busy for a Sunday. It took the lady who came to take our drink order about 10 minutes to come over and take the order. Then another 10 minutes for our waiter to come and take our meal order. We ordered 2 tuna tartars, an Asian feast with hibachi steak and a chicken tempura, and a shrimp tempura. They came with salads and a soup. We had to ask our waiter 2 or more times what was taking so long on our salad. It was now 4:50, and we had NO food just drinks. About five minutes after, they come out with our tuna tartare, and the salads and soup come about a minute after that. We finally ask the waiter to bring the manager, and she blames everything on having a new chef who doesn't know what he's doing. People who came in 30 minutes after us had their sushi and entrees already. 20 minutes after our appetizers and salads came out, the entrees come out. It is now 5:00 pm, and we already have a bad taste in our mouths about this place. I begin eating my Chicken tempura, it's okay, I've had better. My mom begins to eat her Shrimp tempura, which came with broccoli . The batter around the broccoli is RAW, and the center of the shrimp was cold. She refused to eat anymore of her entree fearing she would get food poisoning from the chef's negligence. My husband finds a black hair in his rice, none of us at the table have black hair. The manager comped us half the bill, and seemed as if that fixed everything. We did not want to risk the chef screwing up again and get remakes of our food. My opinion is that they should have never put an inexperienced chef in their kitchen. This place was recommended by friends, but never will I step foot in this place again. I hope the health department shuts them down for serving raw food. We left around 5:45, which meant it took us TWO HOURS to eat here only to leave extremely dissatisfied.
• • •