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Cooking With My Little Fussy Eater
So little legs has started going through a bit of a fussy faze with food. She still eats enough but definitely picks and chooses - I find myself excusing her with "she's got a cold" "probably her Molars" etc but I'm not kidding anyone - those molars don't s...

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School run mum fashion with Love the Sales
My eldest has just started Reception and like many mums the whole mums at the school gates thing is completely new and I must admit I did feel a bit of pressure to dress in a certain way. Right or wrong we do often make judgements on how people look and pre...

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Willow the Pillow: A Review
We've had a little visitor at the beingmumtoday residence and I have to say he's been made very welcome. We were sent a beautiful toddler pillow case from the lovely folk at Willow the Pillow and F has decided that he is very much hers and has found him a p...

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Stand up beside the fireplace.........
There's my big girl, so so ready for her first full day at Reception, and here's me, so not....... This is the Beginning of an adventure for you D there is so much ahead of you, you'll learn so much, grow so much and I hope you'll have an amazing time Im no...

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My Nametags - A Review
Every year as the new school year comes upon us my twitter and Facebook feed are full of fed up status's of mums and dads drowning under the never ending job of labelling their children's school uniforms. Whether you are sewing, writing  or ironing labels o...

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Little Dish 'Pots and Pies' Review
Freya is 2 in a month and we are starting to see glimmers her fussy side creeping into mealtimes, I tend to give her the same meals we all eat and to be honest the same meals we have all eaten for ages so when we were given the opportunity to try some of th...

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Just left my job...........
I'm sat on a train
from Euston on my last day commuting to London, and I'm feeling it all - sad, anxious, excited.... After 10 years working for the
same university in central London I've left my job to start up as A self
employed childminder. After having ...

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On one of our very rare child free meals we recently went to Jamie's in St Slbsns and I had a fantastic fish stew, in fact all the food was predictably fantastic! We were recently invited to try The addition to Jamie's in St Albans - Jamie's Pizzeria so we'...

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Flying with Young Children, A Survival Guide
The one thing I was dreading most about our first holiday abroad as a family was the flight, it was only 4 hours but I literally had no idea how we would keep F the energetic, stubborn little mountain goat in one place for 4 minutes let alone 4 hours! I pla...

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I Bloody Love Spring!
Right now things are pretty much all over the place in our little lives, almost sold out house, have no where else to go after the gazumping dabacle, work/ study / life balance is well.....unbalanced and little legs has decided that rather than sleep she is...
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