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Hi all,

While looking over the hooks, I got pretty confused by the wording of the Danger Hook Impulse for "Danger vs Mundane", which is "To interrupt dangerous situations". Does this mean that NPCs are barging in and meddling with the PC's business, afraid they'll go too far, do the wrong thing, etc.? Or is it that the PC is driven to interrupt and interfere in dangerous situations, painting them in a more dangerous light?

Likewise, the other Impulse - to mistrust and provoke - could easily apply to both the NPCs that suspect the PC and label them a Danger (perhaps provoking them to become the Danger), OR could apply to the PC, whose suspicion and provoking of enemies makes them seem dangerous...

The rest of the hook (understanding by those close, fear by others) works perfectly for a PC in my game, and I know exactly how to push them towards either Label, so I don't particularly need this question resolved. I'm just curious, heh!


hey all im dumb haha
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