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Change is an opportunity to reassess. 
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For a lot of people, Windows (and desktop computers in general) did all they need. As you say, change is an opportunity to reassess. 

I'm really excited about Metro, because it means we'll see more ideas in the tablet market. Never a bad thing.
As the author of a forthcoming Windows 8 book, I can assure you that will be a HUGE consumer backlash against the amazingly poorly thought out Windows 8 UI. It looks like cheap crap to boot.
I am thinking it was a bad idea to confuse me about what Windows 8 is. 
I used a windows phone for some time and I found metro a far superior interface to tiled apps. I can't wait to use it on a laptop and tablet. And don't forget - iOS was a new interface once, and one that Ballmer loved because he was sure that nobody would adopt it... 
+Tamar Weinberg each to their own I suppose. I'm ready to go from android back to Windows phone :-). I pretty much hated vista, but I love metro. I get the comparison, but for me, a touch ui makes sense across the board vs. Vista which was just plain buggy.
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