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I'm social online, not so much offline...
I'm social online, not so much offline...

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How do I see my referral stats?

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Here's how I start every day!

Over the last few months we've been getting alot of leads from startups, and I can't handle the sales part (takes too much of my time). Around May, I'll be looking to add an Enterprise/Startups focused sales lead. My current sales lead over SMBs is excellent, but she's swamped with her own load.

If any of you have hired an enterprise/startup salesperson, and have some tips, please PM me. I'd like to make the right hire here :)

I need to interview a few ad buyers, both on the agency side and the brand side.  Any ad buyer friends up for a quick Skype call tomorrow or Friday?

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Community building advice from +Patrick O'Keefe, +Alison Michalk and myself.
Most communities fail. Here's what you must do to create a community that lasts. 

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Go #Hadoop!
Hadoop at Yahoo! Sets New Gray Sort Record – The Yellow Elephant is Getting Faster

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Change is an opportunity to reassess. 

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RWW hangout about to begin!
+Fruzsina Eordogh, +Eliot Weisberg and I (and hopefully a few others) will be Hanging Out On Air in about an hour, talking about sexting and government censorship. Sounds like fun, right? Tune in on +ReadWriteWeb at 11:00 Pacific.

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Enjoyed this infographic from AD:360

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How to increase your reach and engagement on #Facebook

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