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Soni Speight
Marketer, illustrator, scribbler
Marketer, illustrator, scribbler
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Summer Illustrations
I love this time of year - when the weather gets warm everyone seems happier. I know I am, the dog certainly is - if you need him, he can be found sunbathing on the lawn. And other people seem happier too - sat in the parks, having lunch outside, eating ice...

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Working From Home
I love working from home, surrounded by my own things and with my dog, Ted, by the desk (sometimes under it). My routine starts with walking dog as my commute to work; it gets me outside but also gives me important time to day dream and think things through...

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February Instagram
It has been a funny old February for me. I've found lots of old sketches and work as I've been packing up my studio ahead of the move, and I've been feeling all nostalgic and melancholy. I can't believe how many boxes of books, sketch books and prints I've ...

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Print & Colour Motivational Quotes Available Now on Etsy
Adult colouring in seems to be everywhere right now! I dedcided to upload my finished illustrated optimism pieces to Etsy as a collection of 12 printable sheets . I certainly found them relaxing to make so hopefully you guys will get the same escape colouri...

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Animated Zebra
This was a fun animation I did for an app to help those with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and other chronic
conditions to communicate their needs to others and stay in control of
their condition. Its early days in the project but one...

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Hand Dawn Motivation Quotes
I have been creating a series of hand drawn typography,
drawing out motivational phrases and good advice. I started this project
because things (out of my control) have got complicated and I was getting to
the point where it seemed easier to give up and hid...

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When Life Gets Me Down I Pick Up a Pencil
Or a pen, paintbrush, crayon… anything I can make a mark
with. Next I find some paper – my sketch book is favourite but really any old
scrap will do… And then I draw, doodle, scribble, scratch, smudge until I
forget what it was that was troubling me.   Slip...

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January - came and went
So January has been a blur, it has not been my favourite collection of days but I'm doing my best to stay positive . Lets hope good things happen in Feb.

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Reviving my Inner Optimist
It has been a tough week, lots of things are up in the air, changing in a way I'm not enitirely happy with or just generally not going to plan. It has been getting me down but instead of wrapping myself in a comforting duvet and eating all the chocolate I'm...
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