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Its been a week since the first round for the 2018 season, with amazing highs on the track, and not so amazing experiences once the penalties started rolling in..

Thank you to all who came to start the 2018 season!

Memberships have been updated as of the first round and the Championships are now available for your scrutiny over at Any issues – please let us know over on Facebook.

We have also decided to open online entry for the whole Championship year! – so if you really feel like getting it all out the way sooner, rather than later, head over to and just go bananas!
You might note the absence of the Wessex Challenge and the Rotax Festival from the list, there are a few details that need to be straightened out before we can open entries.

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, whether you’re having a relaxing one, out with the family making the most of the lack of wet stuff, or racing elsewhere, have a great weekend and we’ll post again soon!
Bang! and the dirt is gone!
Bang! and the dirt is gone!
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With some of our 2017 Championships already decided, there are other’s with everything to play for! With a bonus 25pts on offer, just for signing on in the morning, the total you could walk home with is 201 points!

Entries can be made online for the Final Round of the 2017 season, at

Don’t forget that the Presentation Evening and AGM has been moved to the 2nd December to avoid clashing with other events, if you would like tickets to the presentation evening, please see the previous post regarding the details for the presentation evening. Again, if you do want to attend the AGM beforehand, even if you aren’t attending the presentation evening, please do come along. The committee are dedicated to trying to make the best events for our members, if you don’t feel this is the case, or you would like to help us in the 2018 season, please do come along.
The banner is almost full…
The banner is almost full…
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So, when i said previously that we have a process in place and there wouldn’t be another delay, it seems that the process wasn’t that solid after all.. sorry!

The tyre allocations have been reviewed, checked and double checked and the championship tables reflect those who have decided to forego a round for a weekend’s glory. The championship tables after Round 8 of the 2017 Championship can be found at the usual place –

We are fresh off of the back of the latest committee meeting and we can start giving out the first pieces of information regarding plans for 2018, with us, at the Clay Pigeon Raceway.

Championship Tyre Restrictions

First, we asked for our member’s feedback at the last round regarding the tyre restriction in the Championship. The decision was as marginal leaving a ‘Brexit split’. After discussions, we have decided not to restrict the tyre usage across the 2018 Championships for Junior and Senior Classes. You will, of course, still be restricted to 1 set per meeting as per standard MSA regulations.
For the Cadets however, as per a suggestion by the MSA, we have decided to limit tyre usage to 2 sets for the 2018 Championship. How you use them is up to you.

Presentation Evening

Those who attended Round 9 will already know, but for those who couldn’t make it, our Presentation Evening will be held at the Pit Stop Cafe at the circuit on the 25th November at 7pm. Tickets are £25 per person with under 12’s at £12.25.
Tickets and food orders should be submitted to us with the appropriate payment, via the circuit reception, by no later than the 17th November.
Starter: Soup, Melon or Pate
Main: Turkey, Beef or Vegetarian
Dessert: Apple Crumble and Custard, Cheesecake, Ice Cream or Cheese and Biscuits

When placing your order, please ensure that each person’s name is against their food choices. Wine orders should be placed and paid for, directly with Dave at the Pit Stop Cafe.

2017 Clay Pigeon Kart Club AGM

The AGM will be held at before the Presentation Evening on 25th November at 17:30, this is your opportunity to get the latest news and updates on the Club and to ensure your voice is heard.
It is also the time when our committee members are elected, if you would like to play a part in planning and executing our meetings, this is the best way to get involved.

Sitting on the committee, you can have your say in how the club moves forward. The club has been long established in Karting and has seen may members start their careers and prosper, as well as starting some events that have helped to shape karting today. Who knows – you might have the next idea that helps to move the sport into the future.

If you would like to join the committee, to get an update on what happened during the year, or to find out what is planned for 2018, please do come along. The committee are dedicated to doing what we believe is best for our members and we would love for you to be there.

Cancer Research Fundraiser

Sorry for the delay in updating you on the money raised this year. First, we really need to thank all of you who put their hands in their pocket to raise money for this very worthwhile cause. Every one of us has been impacted, or knows someone who has been impacted by Cancer.
With the work of Charities like Cancer Research UK, who not only help to raise awareness, but put their donations into funding research into Cancer and how to cure it, the mortality rate of these diseases is as small as it ever has been.

This year, you have all raised another £281.50 for this fantastic cause. To date, your donations have equalled tens of thousands of pounds.

Thank you all again, so much.

Next Year’s Calendar

Finally, for now at least, we have decided that the 2018 calendar will have the same structure as this year’s. We will host Rounds from February to November with 2 drop-rounds throughout the year.

We have seen the sport struggle over the past few years, but we have seen a significant rise in entries this year. With that, we have every expectation that the grids, and the standard of racing, will continue to grow in 2018 as it has in 2017.
You can expect to see the Wessex Challenge and the Rotax Festival return in 2018, so there will still be everything to play for throughout the year.

We have already seen the first of our 2018 Membership form’s handed in and we are happy to announce that you will also see the return of the Early Bird discount of £10 on memberships received by us by the 4th December. Membership prices will remain the same price as 2017 at £40 for a singular membership with a Family membership at an additional £10. 2018 Membership forms are not yet on the website, but are available from the Circuit, or from one of our representatives at Kartmania.

We will get the 2018 Membership forms on the website as soon as possible, as well as getting more information on next year’s season to you as soon as the ink is dry. Until then, there is still all to play for in the Championships for the 2017 season. Entries are open for the final round on 12th November and don’t forget the bonus 25 pt signing on bonus – that can make all the difference in the title fight.
About time too!
About time too!
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For one of the first events since we bought the tyre regulation in, it has actually rained!

After a hard day’s racing which saw many caught out in changing conditions, we have dropped the chequered flag on the final race.
To all drivers who made it to the circuit today, thank you for coming. We have seen some fantastic battles throughout the pack with some true talent on show. Congratulations to all of our days winners, especially those in the Formula Blues who have been competing for the coveted Gold Sovereigns on offer courtesy of the NKRA.

Results, provisional and official are all online at at with the optional break downs that the Alpha Timing system include.

I’m sure many of you are wet, cold and wanting to go home, but please do stick around for another 20 minutes or so and attend the Trophy Presentation. As a club, its always great to see support and congratulations being shared.

For everyone in attendance, thank you again and please do have a safe trip home. Our next event is Round 9 of the CPKC Championship on 8th October and we hope to see you all there.
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I know i said to keep an eye out around 8pm, i can only apologise for being a little late, but after a month wait, what’s an extra 2 and a half hours?

Its been a long wait, but i am happy to announce that the Championship tables have been updated after the seventh round of the CPKC Championship.
I promised a brief explanation as to why its late, and the shortest way of telling you is ‘compooter’.

With any computer, errors happen, in our case, its a little bug in the tyre scanning software that’s making it difficult to validate which drivers are over allocation. Due to this, we had to wait for someone to have enough time to manually collate the barcode data for each competitor to make sure those who are over allocation are reflected in the championship tables. Unfortunately, its a busy time in most of our lives, so that hasn’t come until now. – Cue our unlikely hero’s at Clay Pigeon Raceway. Our Chairman, Paul, along with Lee and Nigel from the circuit have found some time to go over the entries and check everyone off.

Both Lee and Nigel should be at the circuit this weekend, so be sure to give them a handshake, or a hug if you feel you can get away with it without a sore nose.
Thank you to Clara Couch, who did volunteer to help out checking the data. We didn’t take you up on the offer as plans were already set in place to check it all out.

We have a plan moving forward until a fix is available, so hopefully there shouldn’t be such a delay in the future.

This weekend, of course, is the Cancer Research UK Fundraiser, this has been a very busy year this year, so as far as plans go, unfortunately, this one is a little thin on the ground as far as attractions go. But the fund raising spirit is still there and we will be nagging you at every possible moment to stick your hand in your pocket and make a donation to a fantastic cause. If you are at the circuit this weekend, please don’t be afraid to give generously.
Entries will close at 6pm on Friday as usual and you can enter online at

Thanks to you all for your patience and we look forward to seeing you at the weekend!
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Attention all Formula Blues!

… yes, it’s us again, but this time, we bring some amazing news courtesy of the NKRA and Planet Karting. It’s time for the Gold Rush!

Check out the details in the image above for all the info on the Gold Sovereigns on offer for the lucky few who prosper on the day.
Just don’t forget, you have to be in it to win it! – so register now at
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Well that wraps up the action from the inaugural Rotax Festival, here at Clay Pigeon Raceway.
We have seen some thrills and spills, but overall we like to think most of you are going home with a great big smile on your face!
From the club, we have to commend every single one of you as driving standards and attitudes both on and off of the circuit have been impeccable.
Congratulations again to those drivers going home with something, whether its a trophy, one of the prizes donated by JAG ROTAX, the nationally recognised E and O Plates or the Rotax Grand Final tickets.
Results are still provisional for the moment whilst the appeals window lapses, but they can all be found online at
Once again, thank you to all of the Marshals and Officials, JAG ROTAX, JMR Scholarship and R&R Entertainment who have helped to make this weekend special.

For the club regulars, our next round is on 10th September and we are hosting the Cancer Research Fundraiser and the NKRA Formula Blue Gold rush! (Details to follow)

Trophy Presentation is about to take place, so please do hang around and attend if you are at the circuit. If we don’t see you throughout the club season, we will see you next year for the 2018 Rotax Festival!
What a Weekend!
What a Weekend!
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Fresh off the back of the Committee meeting, we have news on the Entry Cut off for the Rotax Festival, as well as more information for the weekend. Please do share this information and get the word out.

All Competitors

Due to the massive lean from the Senior Max entrants towards the O Plate over the festival class, regulation 10 of the Festival Regulations has come into effect and we have cancelled the Senior max class at the festival, this has however, given us more time to allocate to the O Plate which has surpassed our expectations.
As such, a revised timetable has been created and added to the other Rotax Festival documents on our website. If you haven’t done so already, make sure you give them a read through to the end, where you will find an explanation on the structure.

O Plate

The Entries for the Senior Max O-Plate will close tomorrow (Wednesday) at 7pm. No late entries will be accepted after this time.
Please ensure your tyre orders have been sent to us at the circuit, or given to Mike at the kart shop. A tyre order form is available on our website.
Lastly, due to the control tyres, it is advised that you bring a tyre spike to aid with storage of your allocated tyres. If you do not have one, your tyres will need to be stacked in storage over the weekend. If you have any spare tyre spikes you don’t mind lending to those who don’t have one, please do bring them along, they will be a great help. 🙂

Festival Classes

For all other Rotax Festival classes (Minimax, Junior Max, Rotax 177 & Masters), entries will close at 5pm on Friday. Entries for Junior Max and Minimax have been capped at 30, so if you have not entered yet, please do so as soon as possible to avoid any disappointment.

Help Wanted

We are looking for people to help us out over the weekend. We will need some extra hands in parc fermé to help oversee and enforce the event regulations. If this sounds like a little too much pressure – it just means you get to shout at naughty people all day long! – It’s fun, really.
If you’re going to be around this weekend and you fancy giving us a hand, please do let us know through Facebook, email or phone. Contact details are on our website.

Now for the fun bit!

We have already posted about how we want to make this a weekend to remember, we not only managed to secure the Minimax E Plate and Senior Max O Plate, we also secured Rotax Grand Final ticket for the O Plate and Junior Max winners this weekend. We announced that TDM Media have agreed to film the event for broadcast both online and on Motorsport tv. We also had JRM approach us regarding their Formula Ford Scholarship program, allowing you to set your fastest times around Brands Hatch using their simulators for a chance to win a fully funded year in Formula Ford. Then we announced the evening entertainment of a Surf Board Rodeo and the Human Table Football from R&R entertainment.
Well to try and make it a little more fun… How about we carry on the competitive spirit into the evening with a little tournament?
If you fancy putting together a team of 5 for the Human Table Football to battle it out against the other Drivers, Teams, Family and Friends, please do let us know and we’ll try and put something together.

As I mentioned at the start of this post, especially for the O Plate competitors, it’s not long now until the weekend and it’s even shorter until the entry cut off. So please do share this post or page to whoever may be entered, or considering entering. It’s just 3 more days until the weekend starts with Friday Practice, reserved just for the festival competitors before the first ever Rotax festival, supported by JAG Rotax themselves.
Whatever you get up to in the following days, have fun and we’ll see you all on Friday.
Festival Entry Closing dates
Festival Entry Closing dates
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Due to regulation 10 of the Rotax Festival, we are unable to run Senior Max class as part of the festival. This has allowed us to dedicate more time to the O-Plate competitors and we have revised the timetable to reflect this.

To those drivers who have signed up for the Senior Max class, but not the O-Plate, if we have not been in contact with you yet, please do let us know whether you want to transfer your entry over to the O-Plate.

The revised timetable can be found at the following link, or on our desktop website on the side-bar.

Entries are still open, so if you do want to sign up for the festival, please head on over to If you want to enter the O-Plate, please ensure you change your class to the O-Plate class.
Revised Festival Timetable
Revised Festival Timetable
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First, Round 7 is just around the corner, just 6 days away. If you haven’t got your entry in yet, we’ll be closing the entries at 6pm on Friday evening. Any entries after this time will be late and will need to be made when you arrive at the circuit.

We have been looking at more entertainment for the Rotax Festival on 18th – 20th August and we have booked and entertainment company to bring in some goodies to keep you occupied on the Saturday night.
R & R Entertainment will be bringing their Rodeo Surf Board along with their Human Table Football, and maybe another couple of things, to keep you busy when you’re not in the IMR Scholarship Simulator.

Head on over to to enter either Round 7 or the Rotax Festival.
Got your Speedo’s?
Got your Speedo’s?
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