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Ha ha ha oh yes but the actual word is 'Universal truth' not 'universaly' and this quote above seems me more amazing so i credit it in my own words cause it meant to me like that way u knw.
May May
awwwrrr,,,,, I wish everyone would notice that
is it true??well there's many user pe0ple...y0u?d0 y0u thnk ur one of them.??
soo tru this goes to peple who only like u for ur outward appearance
so true i had a boyfriend he loved my face and smile but he broke p with my after 5-6 months
yes, from experience girls, stay away from the guys who are ALWAYS looking at your butt or boobs, cuz they NEVER last.
U ar rigthly. Do whateva dat's right in God's presence.
I once thought looks were everything, If you had bad hair, acne, anything, I'd treat you like a germ, that was until I was horribly burned in a house fire. After that I learned the cold ugly truth and still I can't find anyone to love me, but that's life.
you remind me of the movie beastly,but dont  worry the right guy will come to your rescue
 very tru. don't worry #smile  u'll find the rite gi soon.
mine will always beside me,at all times
now a days the people they like beautiful and big boobs and sexy no matter how they're attitude is good or bad, 
Always a nice feeling to have someone care for you and see you for the person you are.
Why is hot defined by phoney titties,assess,libs,noses,tummy tucks and so on. Why can't hot be defined by being cool educated, well read, interesting, goal minded, family oriented, good values/morals belief in god and country and hard working 
Even people who see your nice smile can leave you! so this quote is not fully true
I agree with this statement 100% simply because your body can change your heart cant
you just made me smile from ear to ear!
Excellent!! wish i had seen this before.  If I knew then what I know now
pray for me i am a kid 11 years old and have a really bad cold
Why to keep the same people by your side forever? Let the old faces go and let the new ones come.
So the writer is referring to the interpretation that is received from the smile... Nice
its true a guy at a a stand gave me a airhead because he liked my smile.
 Smile for yourself because it keeps you happy but not to keep the others around you.
Me too its a good quote thanks Olivia

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Haha nice

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I know right

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So very true.. If you look beautiful from the outside, but you r greedy, selfish & ignorant with nothing important to say or do what's the point trying to share your life with a person like that..

Truth hurts but.... oh so necessary. Shallowness lives on all levels....
So true. I guess take dha bitter with dha SWEET!
even if i dnt have the perfect pretty face or sexy trimmed body i have still my boyfriend... as long as both of partners are enjoying each other's company and they have respect everything goes perfect.
This is so true. Those who love your character and inside beauty will love you forever.
why is the only thing u have to say about this post  is " SO TRUE' , lol i just think its funny, i go so into details about comments, lol
thats why the mean girl is never gonna have a love life
For Steven,It's true, but when people do not know you or know you from far away they allways see only the outside physical appearance, then when they go deeper in you,that's when they know more about your others characters so they can defined you better.
Wow! Dis is so true and i hope and pray dat i meet someone who ll luv me 4 dat
One thought is to always remember who YOU are and have a LITTLE mercy for those blind superficial people.
just like how I feel about my dream girl who is alive btw
yeah thats why they always leave me :( im so stupid nobody likes me :(
But all I have is this million dollar smile. Beneath the surface; under this thin veneer of the character I portray, is a deep, black morass of seething evil. It's a cold dark and emotionless echoing pit of despair and hatred that will suck the very life force from your body, as it has my own. I'm a walking shell. I move through public places in crowds, yet alone; an animal, restrained only by a well honed sense of self preservation, not any regard for my fellow human beings.

But I have a million dollar smile.
Money and cosmetic surgery can't buy you love anymore then you can make someone love you if they won't! it's all superficial vain and sad when it's artificial!! true love is hard to find!!
things are not always what they see especially people
This is a very nice thing to say

i love this msg its true.i agree 100%
yea its very true i cant wait intill i find that one guy oneday!!!!
Best personality and smile is better! Only true love can see that deep within :) 
"Everything that shimmers soon fades" You need depth to be beautiful.
Do not alter your body for a man.....they will expect you to keep doing it! 
If you find what you consider the right guy....keep him.....Guys we actually can stand are very hard to find. 
Also need good girlfriends you can trust....
People who are attracted to you for money or your great job wont be by your side forever, but people who can see how beautiful & transparent your smile is will never leave you. Everything has two polarities in this world. 
What's up with that but totally agree
I still have friendship from grammar school. But people can change drastically over a decade and you may find what you once thought indistructable has broken. I still haven't found a remedy. True love will never die no matter how hard you try. It still leaves a tear in my eye.
i love comment and this will make your image most popular in gplus
It's better to be liked for the real person that you are then your outside appearence
I love this! I feel that way about some people. They have amazing smiles and that's great.
You don't have to tell me twice
thats why boys fall for girls and just dump them like a hot potatoes lmboooooo
Yeah!! Just waiting......
Just be yourself, trying to be better on everything every day.  You will see.
i wish that was true. all the guys i kno are haters and only care bout looks
Becca A
nicely said and soooo true
exactly be the real u dont be a fake be who u rilly r!!!
Very true, let me say this! A true heart and a good soul#1
But most people,especially girls love tobe flatterred because of their pretty faces or their nice bodies.
u got that rite and hay nancy can u add me as a friend pleas?
ya like the song katy perry firework let ur colors burst and dont be afraid to be the real you!! if people judge u wen ur bein u its obviuosly not ment to be for u to be friends so dont be a fake! let ur colors burst!!!!
If everyone could have this attitude!!!!!!
awww thats awsome thats all i think about when i see my girlgriend her smile its beautiful and its my girlfreinds smile:)
THATS RIGHT FOREVER LOVE is the smile OR WHAT IS IN THE INSIDE of someone. Who the person is on the inside....communication feelings spiritual attachment. THAT IS LONG LASTING LOVE. To love unconditionally and being loyal comes NATURALLY...... :) If u have that u will NEVER leave each other.
Well BUT let's remember.....NOTHING lasts forever.
The problem is how you know it.
what a wonderful and true statement
That's so true. It's hard to find a person that notice your personality first.
They will stay around if your not only beautiful, but have a good heart and mind! My beauty may have captured my high school sweetheart at first..but it was my personality that has kept him by my side for 20 years.
I  like  because  i  tells   the  truth  about  people
It gets old being a trophy when there is a good,honest,loyal and creative person beneath the exterior. When will people learn outward beauty is only skin deep. Outward beauty fades with age. We can't be 25 forever.
Hehe i love the most if people can see me as me not only in my pretty face it just because they want me cause im a real me not a fake one
awwww...! how touching... i love this... cause girls really felt insecurities from behind...
No other way to say it
i like this message because it means to me alot.
I think your fiance told you about that smile long ago sounds like he will be around for a very long time you are lucky to find someone like him you better not let him slip away 
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