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#52Stories, Week 20, Stories they tell
So this one has had me wracking my brain a bit. Favourite stories about Mum's childhood, or stories that my grandmothers told as well. I don't remember too many that Nana told. Apart from the one about her grandfathers both having more than one marriage whi...

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#52Stories, Week 19, Mothers' Day
Mum was born in Kurow. The little town that had founded a support system for it's community which became the basis for our
Social Welfare system. Where if you didn’t dig the carrots before the first
frost, you might as well leave them in the ground until sp...

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#52Stories, Week 18, Grandmothers Part Two
Right then, part two. My maternal grandmother Elsie Lilian nee Timms, was always known by her given name. To us she was "Big Nana" to differentiate her from Little Nana who was shorter in stature by close to a foot (30cms to those of you who don't remember ...

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#52Stories, Week 18, Grandmothers Part One
I have two, but I don't think I will ever be one myself. As cool as that could be, it isn't in the life-plan of the only person who can change that outcome. In the first place I am surprised I am a Mum. That certainly was never an aspiration at the top of m...

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#52 Stories, Week 17, Where are your roots ? Do you feel strong ties to a particular place, either because of your own personal experiences or your ancestry ?
Where are my roots ?  Definitely not in Auckland. There is some thing about the "Tron" (Hamilton) but I think really it is just it's familiarity; growing up there and returning for holidays to visit people after we moved. Then moving back for a couple of ye...

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Christchurch: Autumnal Glory and an Air of Renewal
After the frenetic pace of the last few weeks at work, a long planned weekend away was suddenly upon us. Christchurch has to be one of my favourite New Zealand cities. I really enjoyed living there, even though it was just for 12 months. Returning to visit ...

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Canberra, a planned city, but is it part of my plan ?
So grabaseat had one of those deals a while back. You know, the hard to resist ones. So we bought tickets. But this time we thought we'd go exploring somewhere different. March rolled around and we flew to Sydney, picked up a rental car and drove to Canberr...

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#52 Stories, Week 16, How many different homes or apartments have you lived in throughout your life ? How many different cities ? What have you gained (or lost) in each of those moves ?
Ellicott Road, Frankton, Hamilton Tramway Road, Enderley, Hamilton Cortina Avenue, Johnsonville, Wellington Orpington Street, Ashfield, Sydney, New South Wales Cleland Road, Artarmon, Sydney, New South Wales Eighth Avenue, Campsie, Sydney, New South Wales S...

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#52 Stories, Week 15, Where did you go the very first time you moved out of your parents' home ? Did you have roommates ? Did you live alone ? Did you get married right away ? Tell the story.
Sydney. I went with a friend - well she went first and I joined her later. Long story. We shared a unit with her sisters who had been in Sydney for a couple of years. It didn't last. She went back to New Zealand about three weeks after I arrived. Her escape...

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#52 Stories, Week 14, In childhood, did you share a bedroom with siblings or have a room to yourself ? What kind of things did you collect and display in your little corner of the world ?
I had my own room. Sometimes I used to wish I has a sister to share with. The only times I shared was when someone came to stay and I moved into my brother's room, or if I had a friend stay over. Mostly though the spare bed in my room was buried by things. ...
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