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Peter Moore
It's ok, I'm with the Revolution.
It's ok, I'm with the Revolution.

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The Doors, Venice Beach, CA 1969

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Moan Lisa's All Kinds of People Shared Circle
September 13, 2012

want to be included in tomorrow's circle? add & reshare this circle to public.

it is what it says it is

included in this circle are the following community art projects:

+Moan Lisa's Art Akademie™ : "art school" with daily assignments posted at +MLAA Course Syllabus™ and with a growing student base. Every weekday we run a different theme, open to the community to contribute to. Our philosophy is "ART IS FOR EVERYONE," and do not expect any level of skill from our participants. Have fun, make art.

+Pocket Poem : a page dedicated to resharing poetry submissions from the general public. If you write poetry, plus-mention our page to your posts and we will reshare them to the page so others are able to find poets to connect with.

+Heaven And Earth : a daily art theme "where sky meets land."

#antiart #fluxus #dada #mailart #poetry #art #moanlisa

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oooOOOhhh... new event in Venice

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Uhh....just close the door. Nothing to see here.

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Magnolia and Laurel Canyon Late '60's
#photography   #losangeles   #southerncalifornia  

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All Star Visual Artist  Contributors For   +PixelWorld    August 24 2012
I share the circle with the supporters!     Every Friday

You may hop on the train by following the rules!

To All My Dear Friends:  If You Share This Circle, Thanks In Advance


If you want to support this effort please follow these rules!!

1  Are you a kind and communicative person sharing your visual art good content? if yes
2  Reshare the circle public (else this is not going to work)
3  Add to +PixelWorld 
4  Tag +PixelWorld   or Hashtag     #pixelworld   in All Your New Post ,
5  Ask for inclusion,,leave a comment on this post

+PixelWorld  circle  Curated by +Alberto Carreras 

Thanks for your support:
+Raya Ozruso-Cottrell +Celso Carvalho +dietmar rogacki +David Murphy +Laouennig Blodwenn cotance +Mike Matney +242Digital.Com +Richard Mabb +JR Snyder Jr +Jim Brandano +Bo Insogna +Fuad Babayev +Octavio Alonso Maya Castro +Pablo Luis Gonzalez +Charlotte Lepage +Simone Zeffiro +Suzuka Ballentine +Marie Pain +CJ Cox +logan hubbard +Lorenzo Montezemolo +Barbara Matthews +Leon Sarantos +Joe Myeress +Yoli lp +Michael Plack +Monica Blatton Art +Sergyum Shapowalow +Blake Harrold +Jay Henry +Robert Fortenberry +Mark Summerfield +Gunnar Kristian Kopperud +Henrik L Andersen +Frank Thom +Liz Christian +Lupe M. Luevano +Joe Urbz +Grobler du Preez +Rumiana Nikolova +Gena Slash +Chantal Lyon +Anna Ryndak +Lee Jarratt +Emmett Lollis +Steve Tang +Christopher Prins +Tiago Jorge +Andy Stuart +Baki Karacay +Vladimir Kraft +Cesare Riccardo +Philippe Cornu-Marquis +Mathew Hanley +Mr J Zee +Stefan K. +Magnus Ericson +Tanja Knorke  +Nicolas Green +Jimmy Symons +Auki Henry +Peter Scharff +Nat King +Vishal Kumar +Steven Sherwin +Wharf Wednesday +Bruno Destrez +David Polzine 

*Thank you for creating OUR* +PixelWorld 

#circleshare     #sharedcircles       #sharedcircle       #sharedcircles #sharedpubliccircles   #circleshare   #circlesharing   #fullcircleshare   #addmetoyourcircles     #pixelworld     #pixelworldcircle  

Based in the  work of +Christian Grenier  +Rinus Bakker  +Charles Lupica  and  +Peter From  

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Southern California Circle - Fresh UPDATE!

Here you go my friends!

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