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Exploring the World! 🌍
Exploring the World! 🌍
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Brutal Tunnel Falls Hike via Eagle Creek Trail
Even when it all seems hopeless keep pushing forward. The Tunnel Falls hike  by far is the longest hike that I have ever done. We are about 4 miles out when one of my legs starts to cramp and seize up. Things went from bad  to worse  as my second leg starts...

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Oneonta Gorge is Packed in the Summer
Fight, fight with all your might, no matter what gets in your way. From Crowds to Waist-Deep Water No doubt about it, Oneonta Gorge  is a hike  like no other. I had prepared for it by bringing along a waterproof phone case ... and that is about it. Camera, ...

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The Allure of Mt. Saint Helens
Half the adventure is getting there, the rest is getting lost in its beauty. Majestic Mt. Saint Helens  by Calvin Hodgson CC-by-SA 4.0 Get Lost, Find Something Extraordinary You can say that winding your way through what seems like endless rows of green pin...

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Merry Christmas, no matter what weather your experiencing. 

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See Seattle
Bask in the Afternoon Rain Seattle, Washington, Oregon too for that matter, experiences rain 280 days out of the year. At times, that is an exaggeration but not far from it. You'll more often than not be caught in the rain during the rainy season; plan wise...

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The Super Blood Moon!
What the Super Blood Moon ! As seen from Astoria, OR Super Blood Moon Time-lapse by Calvin Hodgson CC by SA 4.0 It was quite a sight for the world to see. The Super Blood Moon  is a rare occurence that happens only once in 20 to 30 years. The next one will ...

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Moon shining over Portland, OR.

Google knows what you look for. So, when you look for recommended communities don't be shocked when you see a pornography one suggested at the top.

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(Not So) Sunny Seaside, Oregon
Low Tide Time While Seaside , OR does not have any tidal pools during low tide there is an abundance of sand dollars . Out at Low Tide by Calvin Hodgson CC-by-SA Sand Dollars under Sand by Florida Fish and and Wildlife CC by-ND 2.0 Seriously, you can't walk...

Football in America.
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