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Melania Pierce
we’re all a work in progress.
we’re all a work in progress.


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this is just a pinned post for whoever happens to come across my profile, also a message for old friends.

i don't use G+ much anymore. too much notification and so much going on; that probably deterred my usage. sometimes i come around to let people know i'm still kicking, because i do have friends here. but other than that there's not much here. maybe some reshares or news articles, but that's it. oh, and the occasional update on my life i guess.

honestly, G+ was a good place to grow up for a bit, even if i was super cringe-y person a couple years ago (5 years!). honestly when i look back on it i was basically probably too young (like honestly who let me have a mobile device 5 years ago). i can truthfully and gladly say that i've grown up a bunch, and G+ was one of the tiny sparks involved in that. i've met amazing people that guided me when i was more active here (big sis +Raven Smith), learned a lot (first exposure to liberal ideals here!), got into doctor who and nerd culture, and cultivated my writing here as well.

this isn't really a goodbye post or a see you later post. more like an i'll be here in spirit post, or a i'll be here sometimes post.

i always keep hangouts on my phone for old friends, so you'll never lose me there. i haven't forgotten you guys.

i never will.
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quick update on me:

- i haven’t died! turned 18 a few weeks ago.
- i graduated on friday.
- wore a suit to prom
- i’m doing ok
- i’m trying to get back into things i love
- i’m doing my best

hope you all are doing ok!
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rest in power, vera rubin.
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rest in power, space princess.
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just thought you guys should know.

i got into my top college.

i'm going to college.
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When the conversation turned to gay rights, Trump motioned toward Pence and joked, “Don’t ask that guy—he wants to hang them all!”

excuse me mr. pence but what the fuck
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north carolina: yeah we're super transphobic we've got the bathroom bill!
mississippi: hold my beer
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my new anthem
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update on my life, i guess.

family in pr is okay.
4/9 college apps are due soon!
my open documents are all congressmen letter drafts.
my dog likes feet.
i am grateful that cvs sells oreos for 3.50
started writing and binge reading again
life's looking up a bit.
fuck depression & anxiety
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