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Michelle Powell
Magical Mentor For Your Head, Heart & Home
Magical Mentor For Your Head, Heart & Home

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A fresh new year deserves a fresh new focus of your energy, thoughts and actions. Forget the unreliable tradition of resolutions that only feel drudgingly boring and join me in taking a more magical, exciting and soulful approach to long + short term goal setting. $25

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How to start cultivating safety so you can become more powerful. Why your REBEL can impede your way to your own greatness and what to do about it.

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Do you find it hard to set boundaries for yourself? Do boundaries seem a bit elusive or even completely foreign to you? Do you struggle with having the confidence to stand up for yourself?

We all have heard how important boundaries are, but I find that most women avoid boundaries because they think it will KEEP them from getting closer to others or it will mean they have to give up being the generous care-taker they like to be. What happens is that they sacrifice themselves for the good of the cause or someone else that may be more deserving.

Can you relate? I sure can! I spent most of my life living as a people pleaser, over-giver and target of people taking more from me than I was comfortable with...and then wondered why I wasn't happy. I had NO boundaries at all, and in fact, I thought boundaries were mean. So, I kept getting let down, hurt, taken advantage of and frustrated. It was an unsustainable cycle of emotional destruction.

But over the years I came to realize the ONE thing that could save me from all of this inner turmoil: boundaries! It was an interesting & challenging discovery for me and I want to share my secrets with you that will make a HUGE positive impact on your life, your confidence, your business growth, your relationships, your health and your happiness..basically ALL areas of your life!

Babes, it's time to skill up by setting boundaries!

Come to this free training to learn:
• What boundaries are and how to know if you need to set them
• Why boundaries have never worked for you in the past
• What you HAVE to have in order to set boundaries
• How to set boundaries
• The common misconceptions about boundaries
• The connection between boundaries and self worth
• How the Queen archetype can help you set boundaries

Plus, I'll be LIVE COACHING one woman who needs some one on one help in this arena!

Anyone can join the video call live ~ look out for the call in details the day of in this event.

If you can't make it, simply subscribe to the boundary call list and I will send you a recording:

I am SO excited about this, as this call has been frolicking in my mind for quite some time. I can't wait to connect with you and share my secrets on setting boundaries like a Queen!

On Thursday, June 2 at 3pm PST / 6pm EST, JOIN US LIVE:

>> Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

>> Or iPhone one-tap: 16465588656,124995556# or 14086380968,124995556#

>>Or Telephone:
Dial: +1 646 558 8656 (US Toll) or +1 408 638 0968 (US Toll)
Meeting ID: 124 995 556
International numbers available:

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"We are all trained to be and act a certain way or to believe something limited, which holds us back. This is what’s so hard to shift. These are things like complaining, fighting, rudeness, inconsideration, gossip, settling, holding back, small-town-syndrome or giving up. But it’s important to remember that what we learned is not real, and this is part of what I’m explaining today. What we learned to do or be is not the magic. The magic is in how we move away from those things."

Read the rest of the magic in my blog:

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Join the ‪#‎SelfCare‬ Revolution and get cozy with yourself before getting cozy with someone else! Make ‪#‎ValentinesDay‬ more memorable by joining this 13 day challenge. We start Feb 1st!

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Tomorrow morning I am hosting my monthly new moon manifesting call. We meet every month on the new moon to deepen into sisterhood, magic ritual and powerful intention setting for the purpose of manifesting what we want!

If you are a woman who is interested in sisterhood, magic, manifesting or soulful goal setting, you are invited to join us:

or join us on Facebook at Monthly Moon Magic with Michelle

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Here's the free #FengShui training and a time sensitive offer for those interested in the Virtual Feng Shui Group Program starting January 2016!!!

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Join me FRIDAY at 3pm PST for FREE Feng Shui training! I am going to talk about the #1 cure for relationships and the 3-step process for moving your stuff so you can change your life.


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Added photos to FREE Feng Shui Training: #1 Cure for Relationships + 3 Step Energetic Process to change your life NOW.
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