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Your choice for custom cables to achieve the highest quality sound
Your choice for custom cables to achieve the highest quality sound

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"The Prism is Plussound’s mid-tier earphone, featuring two of their proprietary balanced armature drivers setup in a low/high configuration. It’s a very special sounding earphone that has some really intriguing characteristics that I rarely hear from any earphone at any price. It’s interesting to see how the properties of Plussound’s fabulous cable augment the Prism’s sound without characterising it and it’s great to see that the Prism’s themselves are transparent enough to take advantage of that. It was definitely interesting to listen to an earphone that includes a custom cable from factory as the Prisms sound is greatly influenced by the effects I typically expect when installing such a cable. Most notably, the Prism is super clean and separated with a dark background, easily the most unique aspect of this earphone’s sound." - Ryan Soo

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Review on X Series cable with new Gold Plated Copper Type 6 Litz wires is available to read over at

Here's an excerpt:
"Vision Ears VE8 also needs this cable. On the standard SPC, it can sound a bit boring, with the vocals sort of small on the stage. The X-Series opens up the VE8, adding power and weight, and giving the vocals some size. With this cable, these IEMs compete at the very top, with the best of them."

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Our IEMs feature a thick diameter enclosure that is manufactured in-house using medical grade 3D printers. Made out of durable hypoallergenic acrylic material and hand brushed with special coating to provide scratch resistance and sleek surface.

Learn more about our lineup at

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Now offering Gold Plated Copper in Type 6 Litz configuration for custom cables. This means every strand is now enamel coated to reduce electrical anomalies such as skin and proximity effect, as well as prevent oxidation to maintain same appearance after long use. Order yours at

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In the Box:
1x PLUSSOUND Exo Cable
1x Comply Insolation Tip Set
1x Comply Comfort Tip Set
1x Cleaning Tool
2x Amplifier Bands
2x Metal Cases

Learn more about our new in-ear monitor lineup at

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Website Zettai Audio has posted a glowing review on our X Series cable with Gold Plated Hybrid Type 6 Litz wires. The author concludes, "While the X series cable from plusSound may be the lowered priced ones, there’s nothing cheap on them at all, boosting an excellent build quality mixed along with the better ergonomics for In-ear earphones. The simple cable made out of just two wires makes everything more compact and comfortable for everyday use. As for sound quality changes or even improvements, that would depend on the internal wire type chosen. The hybrid copper and silver wire asks for a higher price, but also make noticeable changes on the overall sound."

Full review can be found at:

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"Price, build, performance and overall sonic experience make this cable a realistic purchase devoid of wallet regrets." - Damon Blair on Exo Series cable with T-Metal Type 6 Litz wires.

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PLUSSOUND AUDIO is proud to unveil a brand new product line of in-ear monitors! These are the three IEMs that are available to order starting today:

Single full range armature configuration
Tuned for clean and balanced sound
Priced at $399.99

2-way, dual (H/L) armature configuration
Tuned for warm low end and extended highs
Priced at $549.99

3-way, triple (H/M/L) armature configuration
Tuned for wide bandwidth with exceptional realism and clarity
Priced at $699.99

Lineup Details
* Drivers are housed in a thick enclosure designed and manufactured in-house using medical grade 3d printers. Available in Black and Blue.
* Stylistic yet ergonomic external design. Measuring at just 27mmX11mm, it offers excellent comfort and fit.
* 3D printed horn-shaped waveguides offers more open and detailed sound.
* Component shock mounts implemented to prevent movements from ever affecting sound quality and performance.
* Special MMCX connectors designed in-house. Made out of copper based metal plated in gold for significant improvements in tensile strength and reducing signal loss.
* UP-OCC wiring between driver and connector with short signal path for consistent conductivity and performance.
* Includes our popular Exo Series cable with special UP-OCC 28AWG copper type 6 litz wiring made exclusively for our IEMs. Available in different terminations.
* Cable can be worn behind ear or hanging down depending on user preference.
* Partnered with Comply Foam to provide the best fit and comfort.
* Both earphones and cable are designed and assembled in-house in Los Angeles, California.
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PLUSSOUND Cryo Treated 4.4mm (5-Pole) TRRRS plug is now available to purchase for DIY.

Features include:
High conductive base metal
Contacts are surfaced plated with gold for maximum performance
Thick anodized aluminum enclosure
Cryogenically treated before assembly for enhanced strength
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