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PHCN Replies
REPLY FROM PHCN Dear Customer, On the 8th of december, we received a letter from you filled with lamentations as we would not describe them as complaints. First of all, we would like to let you understand that our becoming privatized is none of your busines...

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In 250 Words, Write a Letter Dear PHCN, When you became privatized, i said to myself; "Life has become better" "there will no longer be darkness, malaria will reduce, i won't have to go miles for me to get water or pay to charge my phone"...But to my surpri...

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Why My Boli?
Why My Boli (Roasted Plantain)? Okay..i don't have a problem with you eating whatever that tiny monster called a stomach so desires..But when it has to affect me, then Soyinka's hair would turn dark. This was my ordeal at the last row of seats in a Cross Co...

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Leave am jor!! That na small thing!!!...Nothing dey inside!! Tah!!! Who goes you??...These are examples of very disgusting phrases that most of us have used just to please the small proud devil inside of us. Well, while Nigeria decided to qualify for the ro...

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Okay....Sometimes i just let this mind of mine just fly and i begin to imagine things...weird though...Have you ever asked yourself if animals dream?..Like a goat dreaming that it would someday kill a lion? Or a mother-hen hoping to kill the hawk for steali...

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I bet most of you reading this must have been told this popular phrase "NOT IN THIS HOUSE" .In African homes, these four words carry meanings that could fill the pages of a 60 leaves Onward Notebook...It could mean " you are about to make a stupid move, or ...
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