FIR 683 is up

Intro: FIR Interview with Dell’s Cy Jervis is up, Ekaterina Walter interview is coming in the New Year; FIR Android app is now in the Amazon app store, not the Google Play store;

Quick News: New York Times points a way to enhanced digital storytelling, 18 British government departments publish their digital strategies, study shows quality content leads to word-of-mouth marketing, anonymous social network Social Number launches; Ragan promo;

News That Fits: Is this the time for the social media press release with template version 2.0?; Michael Netzley reports from Singapore on the Great Firewall of China, political charm offensive in China, and more; the Media Monitoring Minute with CustomScoop; IABC update: key issues that have provoked considerable online discussion without IABC participation or engagement; listener comments; TemboSocial promo; Dan York reports on the Mayan apocalypse that didn’t happen, PSY’s Gangnam Style became the first YouTube video with one billion views, the Instagram kerfuffle, and more;
Music from The Mighty Whispers; and more.
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Is my MP3 player dying, or is there something a bit odd about the audio here and there in this episode, particularly some of Shel's segments?

BTW, meant to say last week--I rejoiced at the idea of two episodes a week, even though I hardly have time to listen to one.
Sallie -- I noticed the same thing, especially with +Shel Holtz in  episode 683. I thought there was something wrong with my Bluetooth audio, but +Neville Hobson's voice came though just fine.
It's not your MP3 player, Sallie; after recording and during edit, I realized something was amiss. I'm still trying to diagnose it, but have set up an alternative recording system in the meantime so it won't happen again. It was far too late in the UK to re-record by the time I realized there was a glitch. I plan to mention it on Monday's show.
Glad it wasn't just me, though frankly I'd love an excuse to replace the Fuze with something that doesn't have video and isn't purely touch-screen. Touch-screen is Teh Suck for using while driving, and this one is too sensitive and keeps accidentally rewinding or forwarding to the next show.
Glad to know it wasn't my new headphones causing the problem. I finally got nice noice-cancelling Sennheisers and I thought something was wrong with them!
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