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I have an opportunity to buy the Blood War box set for $120. Just wondering if people think it's worth that, and if they think it's a good product.


So, I'm running a D&D game at my work, and it's become apparent that 5e characters are too much for my players. As are LotFP characters. I'm really interested in using TBH (I love basically everything about it), but the catch is this: I want to run WOTC-published 5e adventures, as this is the style of play the players like (not to mention the experience rules for TBH fit well with these).

Do you think this could be a good match? Obviously I need to change monster numbers, but otherwise...?

After finishing the book last weekend, and a lot of research and thought, I decided I want to learn Java (goals: learn a language that will be a useful foundation to learn lots of other languages; get a professional job as a developer). I got the "Java For Beginners" book and started working though it.

The background that Learning to Program provided me with has been invaluable. Even though the Java book is for beginners, there's a lot of general concepts it doesn't cover. Learning to Program should really be the prerequisite text for any introduction to programming. Thanks +Steven Foote!

Has anyone fully worked through the book? Is anyone just starting?

It's great to have +Steven Foote here, but it would also be nice to foster a bit of (an admittedly transient) community around the book.

For example, I feel confident enough to help people with some of the concepts and code in earlier chapters, but am still struggling through some of the stuff in later ones.

FWIW, I'm in Chapter 8, working on functions to encapsulate a lot of the code (which is fun, but hard!)

It would be cool if those of us who finish could hang around to talk about where our programming journey went afterward, and to help shepherd newbies into that next step.

I'm working on the Chapter 7 challenge, and honestly I really don't even know where to begin. I know I have to write a loop, and I can figure that out based on the examples in the chapter, but other than that I'm totally at sea.

I don't want to look up the answer and fail at learning, but I don't even know where to begin. The book is all extreme hand-holding until this moment when it just lets us go without any ramping up.

For example, where do I write the code? In getImages.js? If so, why? If not, why?

This is my initial guess at the loop, but I'm 99% sure it's wrong:

for ( var i = 0; i < images.querySelectorAll; i++ ) {

Can anyone help? Thank you!

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Recently acquired an original EPT set from the original owner. 2nd or 3rd printing. Complete except dice (the page insert that's now on the back of the box was only in the 1st edition box).
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Who plays on MTGO? I don't, but the new Sealed League brought me in. Built my deck (an okay pool, I think; nothing spectacular), and I proceed to play a pretty decent game.

Until...I want to copy an instant with Mirrorpool. I cast it and choose the target and...the spell is gone. I wasn't given the option of casting it. I can't rewind. Damn. I must have missed a trigger or something.

Next turn, I try it again with a different spell. I cast the spell. MTGO asks me to target the creature. I do. I figure at this point I can go to Mirrorpool and pay the mana and choose the option to copy. Nope. Spell wasted, no mirrorpool

Screw this, I quit. This is why I play Cockatrice--so I can have a real game of Magic, not have a computer ruin my experience of play. On Cockatrice I'd just cast the spell, tap the mana and tap mirrorpool and sac it and say "copying" and draw the arrow to whatever target I'm copying the spell to. Easy peasy, everyone understands, mediation through human language works.

To be fair: It's been like 10 years since I've played on MTGO. I could have brushed up on its inner workings. But everything else was smooth; the game prompted me when I had options to choose. In this case it was just frustrating and opaque. If this was my job or something I'd have the patience and reasonableness to do the work and find out what happened incorrectly, whether I didn't understand how things work or whether there was an error in MTGO. But this is my hobby. It certainly doesn't need to be more frustrating.

So I don't need to give MTGO a second chance. I'll just go back to jamming FNM and testing on Cockatrice. Good riddance, $28 and MTGO.

Hey folks,

I've had Fate Core sitting on my shelf for some time now, unplayed. A buddy of mine who's never played an RPG really wants me to GM Shadowrun. I love Shadowrun's setting & milieu; I don't want to touch those rules. In casting about for an alternate system to do Shadowrun, it occurs to me that FATE might be great!

I've seen the Spirits of Chrome and Cyberspace hack, but that was for SoTC. I'm wondering if there is anything newer that's a Shadowrun conversion or a "Cyberpunk FATE". Thanks!

Hey RPGers,

I have a copy of Nobilis 3e. I read about 10 pages of it and realized I didn't even want to finish reading it. Does anyone want it? It's in real good condition since I'm a stickler about my books.

Let's trade! Offer me something you think might be interesting but don't want. It can be a game book or fantastical fiction, or, left field, a book about writing.

Nobilis 3e retails for $50 and I am HAPPY to trade down in value; just looking to make an interesting trade.
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Hey folks,

I have a 2nd ed box set available for purchase. It's in Very Good condition. It's the original box set. Everything is included, it is complete with nothing missing. $50 shipped. Please let me know if you are interested.

I apologize if selling is not okay in this community. I could not find any rules against it, and I will happily take this post down and move somewhere else (i.e., ebay) if asked! I just wanted to touch base with folks who will give it a good home first.
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