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Indonesian-based lifestyle blog

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Foods To Celebrate Chinese New Year
Happy Chinese New Year! T oday is Cap Go Meh (the 15th day of chinese new year) which is the last day to celebrate chinese new year. So, I think I'm not too late to say Happy Chinese New Year to you guys. Cap Go Meh is actually the closing of chinese new ye...

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5 Foods To Celebrate Chinese New Year
Gong Xi Fa Cai  (恭禧發財)!  ! Did you get much angpao this year get, guys? As I'm getting older, mine was reduced every year :(. I was super excited celebrating Chinese New Year this year because I WAS CELEBRATING IN HOMETOWN (sorry for caps lock cause I was t...

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Papercut Workshop with Tantya Renatta by Monstore
Workshop has been popular recently. People spend their free time to learn new thing by joining a workshop, and so do we. It was actually a giveaway workshop from Monstore  with Tantya Renatta about Papercut. The giveaway queen, Fili was randomly joined the ...

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Missing Hometown's Food
A throwback to my last year's post, I have promised to share my hometown's food to this blog. FINALLY! I could fulfill my promise. I will share 9 of hundreds delicious foods of my hometown.  I was born and lived for 18 years in Pontianak, West Borneo ( clic...

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Best Moments of the First Year by Filicia
On the first day of August 2015, we were celebrating the first anniversary of this blog . Yay! Well, even though we were honestly not that discipline on following our posting schedule, we managed to publish about 50+ posts during one year. This time, we wil...

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Happy First Birthday!
Oh, how time flies when you had lots of fun, right? Last month on August 1st, 2015, we celebrated the first anniversary of Candy After Dinner ! Whoop! Even though we have been blogging on and off due to our lack of discipline ((which we should totally fix))...

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INACRAFT: A Craft Exhibition in Jakarta
If you are not familiar yet with INACRAFT , this is an annual event hosted to accommodate Indonesian as well as international crafter for the biggest and the most complete exhibition of gift and housewares. INACRAFT tagline also explain itself as Jakarta In...

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#LLHappyNest : Say It with Chocolate
Back on June 2015, Living Loving one of my favorite local digital media, hosted a series of workshop called Happy Nest . This was not the first time Living Loving made a workshop, but this was indeed the first time they made a series of workshop for two w...

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HELLOOO! Long time no see! I didn't write any post for a long time, I was busy of my internship. It made us being miss to each other. I had so many stories to be share and so does fili. Btw, before I share about #CraftyAfterDinner, let me share about the st...

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Intermezzo // 04 : Good Reads
Hello folks! We have met again yet in another weekend. But the thing is, it's July already! It means that we have already been halfway through 2015. Phew, it sure has been an interesting year! Anyway, in the end of my previous Intermezzo , I did mention tha...
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