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Salvatore Panico

Anyone else getting some random reboot? Twice in an hour at this point.
Maguro; clean flash; twrp

Hi! The auto update features does not seem to work for me, anybody experiences the same problem? I am running PA 3.99 rc2 on the galaxy nexus, using super user and clockwork recovery installed by toolkit.

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Hi everybody, I am haveing some battery drain on PA 3.99 RC2 with franko kernel on galaxy nexus. Here some screenshots of my battery stats. Any ideas of why this is happening?
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Hi, everybody!
I'm using a Galaxy nexus with Android 4.3 Stock. I tried to install PA but I'm now stack in a Bootloop. Any Sugestion on why this is happening?
I have downloaded fro XDA the 3.99R2 and the lastest Pa Gapps for 4.3
AIso I used Clockworkmode Recovery!
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